europe: June 07, 2016

Meeting the Chanitzagans

Between February 27 - March 2, 2016, my wife and myself had the opportunity to meet the Chanitzagans – the Lebanese Endeavorers. Beyond personal, fraternal – and why not – presidential curiosity, the motive of this visit was to tighten relationship of World’s CE Union to CE in Lebanon. Meeting face to face – not only through Facebook – is a proper way to serve this purpose. We enjoyed the hospitality of the family of Rev. Raffi Messerlian and his wife, Kayane. CE in Lebanon is the youth work of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE). CE groups exist in the four congregations of AEC from Beirut and the one in Anjar.

Meeting with Pastor Sevag Trashian

On February 27, Saturday evening, around 25 Endeavorers of the four churches from Beirut met at the First AEC for prayer, along with four pastors from Armenia. This meeting was part of the 135th CE-Birthday celebrations. CE in Lebanon partnered in prayer with CE Hawaii. Christ’s promise, that our triple effort in prayer – asking, seeking and knocking (Mt 7:7) – will not remain unanswered, encouraged us in bringing our requests and our thanksgiving to the Throne of Grace. The February 28 Sunday service in the Burj Hammoud district of Beirut was a special one: an account was given about youth work. Lively songs, reports and the testimony of a teenager about how his faith was kindled and his life changed in the summer camp, made this event unforgettable. On Sunday afternoon we attended the fundraising banquet of CE in Lebanon. The cca. 200 participants – old and young –, who came from all over the country, were offered a nice meal, a cultural program, an opportunity to meet each other and also to donate in order to support the summer camps organized by CE Lebanon. Datev Basmajian, youth pastor of CE in Lebanon, toured us next day through the offices of the UAECNE, then through the KCHAG, the summer campsite of the CE in Lebanon. By God’s grace, the premises of the latter, which for more than a decade of civil war were occupied and severely damaged by military, could be claimed back. Except of some buildings, which still bear the marks of that sad period, the other ones were nicely renovated, and now serve for the advancing of God’s kingdom among young people. CE in Lebanon serves so far uninterruptedly by wars and enjoys freedom to serve together with the Church of which it is part. This movement gives faithful servants for church, education and other facets of the Lebanese society. Thanks to the hospitality of our Lebanese Armenian brothers and sisters, we’ve been taken to heights (mountain tops) and depths (Jeita Grotto), to land and see, to memorials of sad historical events (the Armenian Genocide) and sites which display God’s enjoyable work in the present (schools, social institutions) in a remarkable way. Chanitzagans showed an interest in tightening their relationship to the WCEU and to other national unions. Will they be interested in taking CE to the evangelical churches in Armenia also? Will CE in Syria survive the present situation? Questions to pray for, to think about, to work on. Let’s do so.

Armenian cross

June 07, 2016, 08:43 h by Kálmán Adorján, WCEU President.

wceu: June 02, 2016

WCEU Newsletter 2016/2 is out!!

Read about various news HERE (2408 kB).

June 02, 2016, 16:14 h by Anna Visky.

europe: May 26, 2016

News from CE Russia

Dear colleagues from CE, just know that CE Russia does exist and we are working for Christ and the Church. Here are some photos from our outreach in March, on St. Patrick's Day; board meeting of CE Russia and Central Black-ground Presbytery in Voronezh; Youth meeting in pastoral house near Catholic Cathedral which we organize each Saturday in the evening (it's a Christian fellowship of catholic and protestant youth). Before Passover (Traditional Russian Easter) the local Presbyterian Community went for aring outreach

What are we planing for this spring and summer? Outreaches in different cities in Russia, Bible School in Voronezh want to cooperate with CE Russia, CE Russia wants to cooperate with Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Moscow (where I received theological education), may be this fall we will celebrate 118th Anniversary of CE Russia and 15 years of my ministry. Please post some pictures that I sending you at World CE Union web site, let it be encouragement for colleagues in CE, that CE Russia working and we love you all.

May 26, 2016, 12:49 h by Dominick Semenov, Leader of CE Russia.

europe: May 24, 2016

Celebration and thanksgiving of the Scottish Endeavorers

The day began with greetings, smiles, handshakes and hugs and much 'chatter' - Scottish for talking! And this continued all afternoon. This was an occasion for Scottish Endeavourers to gather together to praise God for the part that Christian Endeavour played in their Christian lives. Who better could we have to chair the proceedings than George Campbell? George began his service to Christian Endeavour in his local Paisley and District Union and was secretary for the Convention when it was held there. He joined the Scottish Executive with the responsibility of being the Book-room Convener and was also on the Alumni committee. The Rev Jim Murdoch asked him to be the Scottish representative when he attended British events and so George was introduced to the British Christian Endeavour Union. This lead him to being the General secretary for the British CE Union and twice being British CE President! Jim asked George to be the British representative to the World's CE Union, area one, which was how George eventually became Honorary Vice-President of WCEU and Honorary Trustee for Life. The event began with a lovely lunch over which many memories were shared. The programme began with the hymn of praise, Blessed Assurance. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Such Love and Amazing Grace were all sung with heartfelt sentiments throughout the afternoon.

Many of those at this gathering had been singers in the Scottish Endeavour Singers so there was a 'pop-up' choir rendering of Glory hallelujah. The original choir evolved from a Young People's CE camp in the late 1970's and it grew to 105 members from central Scotland. George Campbell conducted the choir for eight years at engagements and Conventions and at the Centenary in 1982 in USA. Over 30 of its members are now in full time Christian service. Much discussion was stimulated by a quiz about personnel, places, Conventions and events. eg Francis Clark had a Scot as one of his Vice Presidents - name him. (Dr James Kelly), How many World Vice Presidents came from Scotland? (three: Kelly, Murdoch and Campbell), Where was the 2nd Century World CE Convention held? (Edinburgh, Scotland) There were contributions from Andrew Golder, a past SNCEU treasurer and Stanley McCallum who testified to the influence CE had had in his life through attending Junior and YP Camps and being part of the Singers. Stanley married Sheena who he met at an Orkney Camp! He went on to serve the movement as Scottish President and also the Alumni President. Elizabeth McGrouther, who had been Junior Convener for thirty four years and is now Organising Secretary, brought greetings from Isobel Cameron, a previous Junior Convener, and Dennis Davies, chairman of Great Britain and Ireland Christian Endeavour Union. George brought the afternoon to a close with thoughts from Colossians 4:17 See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord. Christian Endeavour may be closing as an organisation in Scotland but we as Endeavourers still have a job to do.

May 24, 2016, 13:57 h by Elizabeth McGrouther, Secretary, CE in Scotland.

asia: May 24, 2016

Office Bearers after NEICEU 34th Biennal Convention (India)

Article continued from WCEU Newsletter 2016/2, Page 3.

The leaders for the next two years are:

                   Senior Adviser: Rev  J M Nongpluh, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   President: Mr. Bantailang Latam, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   Vice President: Mr. W B Suchiang, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   Vice President: Mr. Nabin Sesua, SDCEU, Sonitpur, Assam

                   General Secretary: Mr. Kretofil Bhengra, SDCEU, Sonitpur, Assam

                 Asst. Gen Secretary: Mr. Anil Digal, Adivashi CE Union, BTAD, Assam

                   Treasurer: Dr. John Sona, LDCEU, North Lakhimpur, Assam

                Executive Members: Mr. Samuel Pando, LDCEU, North Lakhimpur, Assam, Mr. CH Passah, Mr. M B Shyiem, Mr. T Shullai, Mr. Mukul Borah and all the General Secretaries of District CE Unions.

May 24, 2016, 12:45 h by Anna Visky.