america: January 31, 2017

In the Spirit of Aloha (Love)

This year was our election (2016) to add a new team of board members as we continue to serve our churches to empower our youth in leadership and servanthood. We would like to introduce our new team of the Board of Trustees.

Vice President: Mahina Peleolani Blankenfild is 21 year of age currently in her 4th year of college studying marine science.
Executive Secretary: Kalehua Kamakawiwaole is a professor and a high school teacher and is our CE curriculum programmer.
Treasure: Angie Warren has a degree in accounting and is Mama Kahu of Kalapana Mauna Kea first Hawaiian Church also working with youth in other organizations
President: Rev Michael Maluhia Warren Pastor of Kalapana Mauna Kea first Hawaii Church, is the Chairperson for CEWU Nomination Committee, is the Chairperson for the Church and Ministry for the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches and is the Treasure for Hawaii Island Association. He is currently attaining Vancouver School of Theology working on his Masters of Divinity.

Our Island Representatives:

Maui and Molokai: Maile Shaw member of Pa'ia Hawaian Protestant Church
Kauai: Rev Rennie Mau Koolui'ia Protestant, background in Media and recording and President of Game Kids.
Oahu: Kahiwa Kamakawiwaole entrepreneur owner of Wearable Treats, assistant teacher CE Hawaii.

There are other member of this team that helps us to reach out and support our youth. We had our first event of the year preaching in a Indigenous context teaching our youth to prepare a sermon in a cultural context. We will also have our yearly training camp. Using Dave Coryell’s curriculum we have created a 4 year learning program and at the end of each 4 year of completion each student will graduate with a CE leadership trading certificate. We are excited to partner with other CEWU groups who want to send their youth and join us this year.

January 31, 2017, 10:21 h by Michael Warren, WCEU Board of Trustees.

america: January 31, 2017

Photo-trip organized at CE México

Photo-Trip, or Foto Paseo in spanish is an activity created by 4 endeavorers, with different abilities and skills. Nitza studies music and currently leads young choir “IOSHUA”. Abdiel is a graphic designer, painter and photographer, graduate of INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts). They have been working with the Mexican Christian Endeavor for the last years, leading trips, camps and workshops for the young people. Isai studied mathemathics at the National Autonomous University of México, and is currently teaching math in different grades. He has been working with the National Christian Endeavor since 2009. He is also a trip enthusiast and loves to work with young people. Last but not least, Mauro is also involved. He is a Bachelor of Communications, professional photographer, biker and wanderer, who started serving God through Christian Endeavor in 2014, taking photos and covering events all over the country.
He was taken by the hand by the Almighty and started this project almost one year ago. Photo-Trip involves going across the country, visiting places, meeting Christian people, taking pictures and having different small conferences and reflective topics according to young people ’s needs. After having from 2016 to present 4 different photo-trips, in México city, México, Chilpancingo city, Guerrero, Tulum, Mayan Riviera in Quintana Roo, and this year Nevado de Toluca Mexico State the organizers draw the conclusion: it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional or compact camera, you can join using your phone. It is actually the best way to reach people who don’t know anything about Christ, because it makes them them feel warm and like home. A lot of times people express their feelings by taking pictures. You can notice the difference between sad and happy ones from the first photos until the last shots! Praise to The Lord

January 31, 2017, 10:16 h by Ibzán Campiran, WCEU Board of Trustees.

america: March 15, 2016

CE Mid-Atlantic: Birthday and other reasons to celebrate

April 8, 2016 will be a banner day for Christian Endeavor in the USA. A banquet is being held that evening for three purposes. First, the banquet will celebrate C.E.’s 135th year. Praise God for the work of Dr. Francis Clark in 1881 that has touched so many lives and united all of us in God’s kingdom work for Christ and the Church!

Second, on April 8 Christian Endeavor Mid-Atlantic will officially become CE USA to support churches in all the 50 states that desire to connect with Christian Endeavor. It will go by the name Christian Endeavor at home but will be referred to as C.E. USA when in world connections. A redesign of the organization’s website is beginning. It will use the name This address is already active but will eventually be shifted to our new site. The new site will be “responsive” or able to adjust for the size of all tablets, phones or computers.

Third, April 8th will serve as the kick off for the 'Grow C.E. Campaign'. The CEMA board unanimously voted to trust the Lord to provide and guide our efforts as we seek to raise $225,000 over three years in order to carry out the Grow C.E. 2020 Vision. The goal is to train 100 churches and help them start the C.E. process by December 31, 2016.

A new resource was written this fall and will be completed by the end of January. This resource is called the T.E.A.M. Work Manual. It specifically guides churches in understanding how to set up committee structures to allow adults to coach youth in leading ministry. The ministry app was put on hold for most of 2015, but meetings have begun to take place in order to study the steps needed to complete this important discipleship tool.

March 15, 2016, 14:53 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic,.

america: September 02, 2015

60th Anniversary of the national CE Union in México

2015 was the 60th Anniversary of the Union Sociedades de Esfuerzo Cristiano (UNSEC). We commemorated this significant event in three cities in Mexico: Merida, Yucatan; Mexico City and Saltillo, Coahuila. In Saltillo, capital of Coahuila state, Christian Endeavor societies and youth groups belonging to the National Presbyterian Church, Saltillo joined on 12-14 June for a meeting of 89 representatives from all over Mexico. Attendees who came from Monclova, Monterrey, Torreon, Zacatecas, Cancun, Mexico City, Toluca, Chilpancingo, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Nuevo Laredo were offered a commemorative bracelet of the 60th UNSEC Anniversary. They also received the program, map, and a badge with meal tickets that allowed them to taste regional dishes such as red chilaquiles, flutes, chicken fajitas and northern beef barcacoa.

On Friday, 8pm we had an opening worship chaired by the directors of the organizing committee: Pdt. Anacarol León E. Chapa, and Trsr. Estrella E. Escobar Santizo at the facilities of the Manuel Acuña Salon. Saturday was the most energetic day. A workshop was held in the morning by the brothers Eliud Cabrera and David Orta V. ("Faith and Hope Mexico"). It was followed by a “Torch March” through the main streets and avenues of the host city. We carried the Mexico’s flag, the Christian flag and a burning torch. The tour’s aim was to evangelize and impact the society with the army of God proclaiming the gospel. On Sunday we rose to God, our Lord. A special service of thanksgiving took place with ex-presidents of the UNSEC and representatives of R. National Assembly of the Presbyterian Church present. 225 people attended the service.

God blessed us so much. The meal was donated by the Coahuila’s Youth Secretariat (SEJUVE Coahuila). We appreciate greatly the churches, as well as each and every sister and brother who collaborated economically or materially. We are thankful to those who were with us in prayer: pastors, parents and counselors. But we give all the glory and honor to our God for his faithfulness shown in perfect time. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

by Anacarol E. de León Chapa, President of the Organizing Committee

September 02, 2015, 17:53 h by Anna Visky.

america: March 11, 2015

CE Mid-Atlantic Inspires Local Churches

One primary step was taken to enhance CE’s ability to inspire local churches in recent months. Work was begun to develop two mobile websites to allow people accessing the C.E.M.A. website to have a more readable version. These sites available since end of January. Steps to Equip churches more effectively were also taken. Two apps that will be available through both iPhone and Android smart phones are currently in process. The first app will be primarily a discipleship tool for youth. It will include the CE Pledge and tips to encourage youth to Pray, Study, Share, Serve and Worship. The second app will be a youth worker app designed to enhance the summer work camp ministry.

During 2014’s last quarter three new initiatives were started to Encourage the work in churches starting CE. The first initiative was launching a new monthly email newsletter called REAL IMPACT. The REAL IMPACT e-letter highlights one church and how CE has been effective in helping their youth discipleship efforts. The second initiative is a youth worker luncheon taking place three times per year. Youth workers gathered in November for the first time to share how they are applying CE in their setting. The next gathering is scheduled for March. Finally, the third initiative was on site visitations. Two CE staff have visited several churches with plans to visit the remaining churches this winter. This step has helped the relationship between CE and local churches to deepen. It has also enhanced our ability to be a network advocate as we have seen the practices being applied in local settings.

March 11, 2015, 11:00 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic.