asia: September 02, 2015

Personal reflections on situation after earthquake in Nepal

Extracts from Verena Gühne CE Volunteer’s blog from Germany

CE Volunteer Verena Gühne returned to Nepal to help those affected by the earthquake. She participates in several rehabilitation missions. Some fragments of her blog posts since arrival to Kathmandu:

6 August

I had prepared myself mentally for streets with gaps, destroyed houses on every corner, people in mass-tents. Everything seemed normal instead. […] After some conversations I found out that some houses seem to be ok from outside, but have actually many cracks and they are not habitable. For example the house of my hosts is visibly sunken in the ground and after the earthquake it gets much more easily damaged. Sometimes it’s the water tank, other times just little cracks. The whole valley of Kathmandu was lifted about 3 meters and moved to West.

[…] But what is more important: Something had changed in people. This motivates me to engage in Trauma Relief Work. I have met a young Spanish lady on my flight to Kathmandu who is involved in a similar work. It is good to see, that so many people help including my community. One family has opened a little orphanage for children who have lost their family or have little care. A lot of young people have been active to join several Relief Actions in and around Kathmandu.

12 August

Last Sunday I was together with Reach Out Ministry in Gorkha - the most damaged area of Nepal after the earthquake. 20 volunteers, including me, have visited a school there and conducted an Art Trauma Relief Program.

We played, sang, did handcraft, talked with the children and gave them a little present (copybooks, tooth pasta, pencils etc.). ROM has expanded this program to other schools as well. The purpose was to spend quality time with children, explain them the consequences of traumas or just talk to them about what happened. We tried to encourage and appreciate the chidren and have fun with them.

September 02, 2015, 18:55 h by Anna Visky.

asia: March 18, 2015

Visit of the Gen. Sec. WCEU to NEICEU and Pakistan

After the meeting of the Executive Committee in Bangalore I visited CE groups in the northeast Indian State of Assam. I spoke at the 113th annual conference of the Sonitpur Baptist Christian Association in Shakomato Christian Centre, Biswanath Chariali to a beyond 1k audience, and visited the Lakhimpur Baptist CE Union. There are about 60 local CE societies in the Lakhimpur district (population about 1 m) with about 1500 youth. One third of them study in colleges or university. Among the programs of the Lakhimpur Bapt. CE union are an annual youth camp, leadership training, monthly youth rallies and practical services like road repair. 2013 the district union appointed a full-time evangelist. The leaders visit the local societies regularly to encourage and advise them. Pastor Aziz ul-Haq and local CE president E. Mrinmoy from Guwahati, the biggest town in Assam, reported similar figures and activities in their area. CE is very active and numerous in Northeast India especially with the Baptists in Assam and the Presbyterians in Meghalaya.

Following the visit in Assam I flew to Lahore, Punjab in Pakistan. The CE friends, Pastor Roshan and Evangelist Samuel, took me to a number of rural churches and house churches. Especially the Christians in the villages, mostly workers in brick kilns, shared as their main problem the lack of proper schools for their children. Some pastors started informal schools to help the children. Evangelists Samuel and Joseph Yousaf together with Pastor Roshan had arranged for a conference where some Christian organizations presented themselves to an audience of about 80 youth leaders and pastors. I could explain what is special with CE: Pledge, consecration meeting, working through committees, youth in ministry… Quite a number of the visitors appreciated the CE way of youth ministry. But until now no CE youth group has been formed in Lahore. For the first time I visited Pastor Manzoor, who lives in Tando Jam near Hyderabad, Province Sindh in the desertic South of Pakistan. He cares for about 8 rural churches which meet usually in private homes. Sunday, 22nd morning we went to preach in Hari Camp, Kotri, across the vast Indus valley. As special security measure we were escorted by four policemen in a police pick-up. Police watched also pastor’s house as long as the foreigner was there.

And around the school where we met in Hari Camp all day long about ten policemen stood guard. After service I was requested to inaugurate a room for the youth (‘Junior Church’) and in the afternoon I was to speak about Christian Endeavor at a youth conference. This church has started a CE youth group but it seems the youth needs still a lot of most basic know-how for effective functioning. These Christians have been liberated from bonded labor only a few years back. Pastor Manzoor promotes CE because he hopes to get motivated helpers for his missionary outreach activities.

March 18, 2015, 07:49 h by Andreas A. Rudolph, General Secretary of WCEU.

asia: August 14, 2014

North East India 2010-2014 activity report

The North East India CE union presently includes 6 District CE Unions covering Assam & Meghalaya state. During the period of 2010 to 2014 the following activities carried out in cooperation with the District CE Unions:

Executive Committee Meetings

North East India CE Union has 7 office bearers and 8 executive members who conducted its executive committee meetings 11 times during this period. The Board discussed various administrative matters, activities lead through in cooperation with the participation of several churches.

NEICEU 32nd Biennial Convention

The 32nd Biennial Convention was successfully held on October 7-9, 2011 at Golaghat Baptist Church in cooperation with Assam Baptist Sunday School & CE Union during Assam Baptist Convention. The Theme was ‘God’s Promise for abundant Blessing’, Mr. H. W. Tham Rev. J.M. Nongpluh & Mr. R. K. Tongwah spoke. Bible Study was led by Pastor Arup Saikia. Singing Competition and Quiz Competition were organized during the convention besides business sessions of NEICEU. All together 276 persons (Endeavorers) from Assam & Meghalaya covering 6 District CE Unions participated and were blessed with the word of God.

World CE Prayer Day

World CE Prayer Day was held on February 2nd by all the CE societies at their respective churches as it was announced and circulated in all District CE Union. The CE societies celebrated this day with programs like Song Competitions, Extempore speech, Briefing History of the Founder of CE, Francis E. Clark and prayer.

Medical Camp

The North East India CE Union conducted medical camp two times during the period. Through this Medical camp 494 patients were provided treatment and medicines. 210 families received mosquito nets from NEICE Union. 250 New Testament Bible were distributed among non-Christians during the medical camp. These two medical camps were conducted on May 31st, 2011 at Tinikhuti, Biswanath Chariali where 263 patients were taken care of and on May 6th, 2013 at Dharikati, Balipara, Sonitpur, where 231 patients were taken care of.

Bible man Project

The North East India CE Union has decided to undertake Bible man Project at Sonapur Area in Kamrup District of Assam. The committee members have already decided to appoint one evangelist for Gospel Preaching among non-Christians but due to lack of insufficient fund NEICE Union has not yet started the Project. However, the committee entrusted the sub-committee to look into the matter for better solution to start the project.


Students of Khasi Jaintia Christian Endeavor Union, Dondral report about the visit of one CE Union

One Intermediate CE Society is serving to the unreached community by setting up a school as a mission objective. They are making it stand on it’s own feet, without any other external assistance. The school has been a blessing to many inhabitants in the barren area of Laitkroh village and as a result there have been many souls who have offered themselves to follow Christ. The local CE Societies are supporting their church in their own capabilities like monthly contribution for the salary of the mission worker, assisting in various activities of the Church entrusted to them. For instance, Christmas Carol Service, Conducting the Sunrise Service during Easter Sunday, etc.

There is also one Society which has initiated to reach out towards the poor and the needy by supporting the education of the orphans, distributing clothes, reading materials, etc. to disadvantaged people, organizing medical camps, helping people in the flooded areas, etc.

Tree Plantation program during the World Environment Day

Some of the CE Societies have been able to contribute to their community by planting trees and cleaning during the World Environment Day, constructing roads in the neglected areas, placing the dustbins, organizing career guidance, counseling etc.

Sports & Games program

Besides the up listed spiritual activities, some of the CE societies have organized various sports and entertainment programs like Athletics Meet, Football, Cricket, Basketballs, as well as indoor and outdoor games. The intention is to attract more youth to participate and simultaneously bring them to Christ.

Kindly pray for the following upcoming events of the NEICEU.

August 14, 2014, 10:36 h by Kretofil Bhengra, General Secretary, North East In.

asia: March 14, 2014

News from CE in India

CE in South India

Mr. Oswin Sundar had conducted Christmas Carol Service at BWDA Polytechnical College CE, Vendalicode in Kanyakumari district. About 100 students attended the function. The convention of CE in South India was held from 31 January - 2 February 2014 at Advent church, Velachary.

CE in North India

Rev. Arul Arthur, President of Pendra Road CE society had organized competition like Bible quiz, song, essay and fancy dress from 18-23 December 2013. CE rally was also organized on 21 December 2013. CE members distributed Bibles to the unreached people and gospel was also preached. About 1500 people attended the meeting.

CE in North-East India

Ribhoi Christian Endeavor fellowship CE union. Shillong Meghalaya had conducted Christmas get-together and musical program during 2nd fortnight of December 2013. Large number of people attended the meeting. Mrs. M. Mawlong Mawlai, Vice-President of CE in India had organized the meeting.

CE in East India

Bhubaneswar CE union had organized sports and other competitions like Bible quiz, song, and essay during November last week and December 2013. The prize distribution ceremony was held on 21 December 2013. A special musical night was organized by the CE on 1 January 2014. The renowned singer and musician Mr. Brushban Singh and team presented special number on this occasion. Purna Nanda Pradhan, General Secretary CE in India along with CE members visited Bhubaneswar jail on 18 December 2013 and distributed Christmas cake and new testaments in joint venture with Jail ministry. Similarly new testaments have been distributed in the book fair in joint venture with Gideon ministry at Bhubaneswar in the month of December. A revival meeting was held at Anandpur in Puri district. About 200 delegates attended the meeting. Kandhamal district CE union had organized retreats on 29 January 2013 at Daringbadi. About 300 boys & girls attended the meeting. 4th Triennial convention of CE in East India was held from 20 - 22 January 2014 at Siliguri, West Bengal. Rev. Jitu Lima was the main speaker. Please uphold our CE in your prayers so that the CE union will actively work for His glory.

March 14, 2014, 09:50 h by Purnananda Pradhan, General Secretary CE in India.

asia: December 09, 2013

News from CE in India

CE in South India

By Er. Shelley Christopher Charles, General Secretary SICEU

The South India Christian Endeavour Union (SICEU) held its 5th Triennial Convention during 18-20 October, 2013 at Bishop Selvamony Retreat cum Youth Centre in Kanyakumari. 175 delegates from all over State and District CE Unions under SICEU attended. WAKE THE WORLD, RISE UP DO IT was the Convention theme. Address, deliberations and discussion were practical and motivating. Duly authorized 85 members attended the General Council held on 19 October 2013. The Most Rev. Dr. G. Devakadasham presided. The Council confirmed the panel of the Executive Committee for the new triennium 2014-2016 presented by the Nomination Committee and expressed their greetings to the newly elected President Rev Dr Y.John Bashkar and Secretary Er.Shelley Christopher Charles who are going to represent SICEU in the WCEU Council.

Reported by Purnananda Pradhan, General Secretary CE in India

CE society of Tiruvanmiyur Advent church, Chennai had a special revival meeting on 15 August 2013. Around 700 participated from Chennai. On 2 October 2013 an annual CE program was held at Velachery Advent Church, Chennai. Around 1000 delegates participated in the meeting. Evangelist Edin Baro and national record holder Mr. John Chapra spoke in this function. Similarly a revival meeting was organized at BWDA Poly Technique College at Vendalicode in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu on 30 June, 2013. About 100 students along with Staff members of the college participated.The college principal Er. P. Shreenivasan Sundar delivered the Lord’s message.

CE in North India

Dr. N.K. Boro had organized a special CE meeting at Jabalpur on 19 July, 2013. About 60 students participated in this meeting. The meeting was held for the youth to educate them about the CE movement. Similarly Rev. A.K. Nath, CE leader of Bilaspur had organized a revival meeting at Pendra Road on 30 September. About 30 delegates attended the meeting. Rev Atul Arthur brought the Lord’s message.

CE in East India

A leadership seminar was held in the Baptist church Balangir, West Odisha from 10-11 August 2013. It was attended by 100 CE leaders from West Utkal CE union. Dr. N. Anand was the resource person. Mr. Naresh Matthews, a CE leader who had completed bachelor of Christian studies was ordained to work as honorary pastor of the church. Undivided Puri district CE union had organized a youth retreat on 28 August, 2013 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. About 300 delegates attended the meeting. Rev. Prem Singh delivered the Lord’s message. The bible quiz and memory verse competition was held on this occasion and prizes were distributed to the participants. Kandhamal district CE union, Odisha, had organized two days leadership seminar from 10-11 September, 2013 at G.Udayagiri. Mr. Bilhan Sagar was the resource person in the seminar. I had an opportunity to inaugurate the function. Mr. Jacob Pradhan, President and Mr. Kernel Nayak, Advisor of Odisha state CE union spoke at this meeting. Mr. Prasant Kumar Dash, General Secretary and Mr. Ejakhya Nayak, President Kandhamal CE union conducted this meeting.

December 09, 2013, 13:18 h by Various.