auspac: September 09, 2016

The Quadrennial Pacific Regional CE Convention

The Quadrennial Pacific Regional CE Convention for 2016 was hosted by the Solomon Islands CE Union in the city of Honiara on Guadalcanal Island from the 7th – 11th July 2016. This event was a wonderful time of fellowship and much praise time with inspirational music as we shared with 4 delegates from Australia, 2 from Germany, 18 from American Samoa, 8 from Samoa, including 2 Australian based pastors, 72 from Rennell Island and another group from Malaita Island as well as several Honiara Church groups, including the Kukum church youth group. The evening attendance was about 250 and the SI Convention Committee is to be congratulated on their management of the whole program with most participants allocated to take part in leading, praying, taking the offering and participating with musical items, during the services. Ministers from each country presented their messages based on the theme ‘Go for God’ in ‘Fellowship, Loyalty, Service, Witness and Worship’, emphasising the CE principles. Bible men of God such as Joshua, Paul and David and the early NT church were identified as examples we can learn from as we in CE increase our commitment to being followers of Christ and a witness to the world of Christian Love and peace. When challenged by Rev Tim Laesanau to follow especially Paul’s willingness to preach the Gospel to the  world, uniting mankind in the light of God, over 30 people stepped forward to promise they would serve the Lord in response to the challenge.   Teaching sessions on CE practices were given by Past Vice President Joyce Spicer and Graham Spicer with samples of Australian Literature being keenly snapped up, as all seemed to want more information on the main points that made Francis Clark’s Christian Endeavour a workable and long lasting discipling program for the Church. In Honiara we once more experienced that special fellowship that comes with belonging to CE and the unity of the world’s CE members is a precious gift. A big thankyou to Pastor Derek and Roselyn Pongi, Rev Tim Laesanau, Rev Moses Omearo, Pastor Sethrick Mae and Pastor Jerrilim Laufilu who managed the Convention with help from others.   The Regional Vice President, Rev. Faataape Lavatai’i has expressed a desire to invite the next Convention to his country of American Samoa in 2020 so we look forward to calling our CE countries to prepare for the next Regional event in 4 years time.

September 09, 2016, 09:46 h by Joyce Spicer, Australia.

auspac: May 12, 2016

Christian Endeavor Regional Convention Pacific

2016 Regional Convention - Honiara, Solomon islands, July 7th – 11th 2016

Theme: Go with God

(Sermon Titles represent CE Principles – Confession of Christ, Service for Christ, Loyalty to Christ’s Church, Fellowship with Christ’s People)


Public Convention Rallies

Thursday 7th July pm    Fellowship with God’s people – be faithful    Solomon Islands, Rev Bishop Mattias Eddie Lima, Bishop of South Seas Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands 

Friday 8th July pm         Loyalty to God’s Church – be a Joshua  Hawaii, Rev Michael Warren, World CE Board member, Hawaii CE Board member in Presbyterian Church

Saturday 9th July pm   Witness for God – be a Paul    Solomon Islands, Rev Eric David Maefonea, Ordained minister in Solomon Islands SSEC Director of SWIM in SI

Sunday 10th am      Worship God – be a David     Australian Samoa, Rev Malifa Malifa, Vice President for Christian Endeavour, Congregational Christian Church of Samoa in Australia

Sunday 10th pm     Serve God in CE – be a Disciple    American Samoa, Rev Faataape Lavatai’i, Australia and Pacific Region CE Vice President 20

May 12, 2016, 12:31 h by Anna Visky.

auspac: March 15, 2016

Theresia Bär - Volunteer in Australia

Daniel Hoffman, CE Pastor in Germany, had an enquiry from one of his CE members who asked about visiting Australia on the volunteer CE program. Theresia Bar was willing to take an au- pair type position, and an Australian family, Justin and Karen Gilfillan were very enthusiastic about sharing their child care, domestic chores, family social, sport and church outings. Justin is a past Australian President with a lifetime of CE experience. Theresia visited 8 weeks during July to September. ‘Theresia left Australia feeling like we accepted her into our house and had treated her like family. She used our house as a bit of a base of operations for her to see some of Australia and even visited with my family in Penrith (New South Wales) for a week or so. She took the opportunity to see Noosa, Moreton Island, Brisbane, Southbank, and we took her on family outings whilst she was here too. She baked us some delicious cakes while she was here and also helped around the house with cleaning, looking after the boys. While she was staying with us we discussed German & Australian cultures, the differences and similarities. Our nation’s histories, and CE / youth ministry. She told us how her mother was involved in the CE group at her home church and how she volunteered with her Youth ministry and at holiday (vacation) clubs. Overall, I think she had a wonderful time in Australia visiting, holidaying, and experiencing our culture. We also very much enjoyed having her stay with us and would be favorable to having another student visit with us in the future.’

March 15, 2016, 15:05 h by Anna Visky.

auspac: May 29, 2013

Leadership Seminar in Honiara

The Solomon Islands Christian Endeavor (SICEU) successfully completed a three days CE Leadership Seminar in Honiara for 25 CE leaders of South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC). The seminar covered the CE Handbook and the members were pleased to learn that CE is for the church.The workshop was conducted by the SICEU President, Pastor Derek Pongi, and the SICEU Secretary, Rev. Timothy Laesanau. They taught how to introduce CE in their churches and youth groups. Rev. Bishop Mathias Lima was so pleased with the outcome of the seminar and urged the members to take CE to 40 associations of the church and reach the 636 local churches of SSEC. Door for CE is open and please pray that we have the resources to take training to other Christian denominations as well.

May 29, 2013, 11:06 h by From reports by Derek Pongi and Timothy Laesanau.

auspac: September 05, 2012

CE official program of SSEC, Solomon Islands

The progress of CE in the Solomon Islands is encouraging. Rev. Derek Pongi, President of the Solomon Islands CE Union (SICEU), and Superintendent in the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) reported that SSEC has adopted CE as an official youth program. CE has been on the Solomons for some decades already with two periodes of decline. 2007 less than 10 societies were left, all on the Islands of Renell and Bellona, from where Derek Pongi started to rebuild CE. Now, having the official backing of his church, he organizes training programs for instructors who will have to introduce CE in all of the about 600 congregations (30 to 1000 members per church) of the SSCE. The process is being monitored by the church leadership. Vice Bishop Stanley Aitorea is in charge as CE-Coordinator of the SSEC. Rev. Pongi hopes to reach out with CE to other denominations as well and is busy to bring SICEU in good shape. Rev. Timothy Laesanau, Secretary of the SICEU said he learned a lot at the Pacific Regional CE Convention in Hawaii how the gospel can be spread and CE be conducted in a way fitting for the Pacific culture.

September 05, 2012, 15:12 h by Andreas A. Rudolph, General Secretary, WCEU.