europe: December 09, 2013

Facebook and Website Updates at CE in Scotland

Morag Webster’s updates on the ‘CE in Scotland’ Facebook activity: We have been able to make contact with many who have previously been members of CE in Scotland through Facebook and the links this gives us. There has been interest also from Peru, Canada, Mexico and Romania. Stuart and Avis MacDonald of CE in Great Britain (GB&I) brought their greetings. Change can emerge from re-invention and this is what is happening to This Scottish site now has a new look. Nowadays, many people use the internet to find information. It is hoped that the Bible based resources for use with Juniors will be “Googled” and used by those working with youngsters to promote Christian values. They may then wish to make links with Christian Endeavour in Scotland. Please pray for this.

December 09, 2013, 13:22 h by Elizabeth McGrouther, Organizing Secretary.

europe: November 18, 2013

Volunteer Experience in Nepal

About Mt. Everest, MoMo and Me, Nepal - a country full of contrasts; with the highest mountain and one of the lowest rate of average income per head, with an old Hindu culture and a short but intensive history of Christians, with the Nepalese’s overwhelming hospitality and the country’s unpredictable politics, with the most delicious snack (MoMo) and the hottest food I have ever eaten. This summer I spent eleven weeks there as a WCEU Volunteer. It had been the first time I was away from Germany and my home such a long time and Nepal could not be more different. For my purpose as a WCEU Volunteer I visited many different organisations, CE Fellowships, Churches, seminars, children's homes, joined the Nepal CE Convention and worked together with the different youth groups. The new experiences I have made are uncountable! To deal with a unpredictable environment was challenging but it taught me to always fully rely on God and to live and to enjoy in each and every kind of way of living. And I enjoyed a lot! My work over there definitely changed myself and developed new skills within me. Thus it inspired me to think about new ideas for my own Church and CE and to search for new places and tasks where God wants to use me. To sum it up; - I came to learn about a new country and I learned to love it. Now I have a Nepalese family, friends, Church and home. Dhanyabaad and Jay Mesiah!

November 18, 2013, 15:40 h by Verena Gühne, Ex-Volunteer for CE in Nepal.

europe: November 18, 2013

Visitation - The secret of youth work

In spring Karsten Hüttmann and Bernd Pfalzer, two travelling secretaries of the German Youth Federation for Christian Endeavor (GYFCE), visited in 44 days 44 local CE societies. They wanted to find out: What makes a local CE group effective? Preliminary results of the research are: Proper balance of the three areas of relations: Personal relationship with God, relations with each other and relations with the world around. The following points have been found with well functioning CE youth groups: - Youth needs space: Space for their own culture, their own form, their own style - Youth needs relationships: Good fellowship in the group, good integration and a sound link with the local church - Youth needs people who pray for them - Youth work needs awareness of and zeal for mission - Youth work needs consistency - Youth needs Jesus - Jesus needs youth - Youth work needs appreciation and acceptance - Youth leads youth

Sounds pretty much like what was important for Rev. Dr. F.E. Clark, isn't it?

November 18, 2013, 15:35 h by From an article by Jörg Maushake in the German CE .

wceu, europe: October 04, 2013

New Volunteer for the WCEU

We gladly introduce the new volunteer of the World's CE Union:

My name is Eszter Páskuj, I am 21 and I am working for the next ten months as a volunteer in the WCEU Volunteer Program. My task is to support Andreas Rudolph in the WCEU Office in Kassel (Germany). I come from Targu Mures, Romania and I belong to the Hungarian minority in Transylvania. My mother tongue is Hungarian, but I also speak Romanian, English and German. I finished my studies at the Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, where I studied at the Department of Translation Studies. After these years of studying, I felt the need to go abroad and to spend a longer period of time in a foreign country,an this is how I came to Germany, where I hope I would be able to develop my German language skills. I hope these new circumstances will help me know myself better, as well as my boundaries and last but not least I want to learn how to rely on God.

October 04, 2013, 10:46 h by Anna Visky.

europe: August 22, 2013

News from the CE Union in Great Britain and Ireland

On 4 July we held our Annual General Meeting in Exeter, England.

Currently we are reorganizing our website in order to bring it more into line with the resources available to us.

We had a stand at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park Esher, England in May 2013 when we gave out over 800 bags with details of Christian Endeavor plus around 300 bookmarks with our contact details.

We will be supporting CE in Scotland when they attend the Christian Resource Exhibition in Edinburgh in November 2013.

August 22, 2013, 10:50 h by Reported by Stuart McDonald, Honorary Secretary of.