wceu: March 01, 2013

CE Prayer Week 2013 - interview with vice president Eliseo Vilchez-Blancas

Reading the prayer tasks of the different countries, what does it tell you about CE around the world?

We can specify some common and particular characteristics regarding the prayer requests. A common issue concerns the training of youth leaders. From local and national actions, to the events of the WCEU regions, CE people are trying to train youth leaders. The Connect Europe 2013 convention is a good example for such an initiative. There are also particular characteristics: CE in Scotland is looking for involving churches in the movement; in Romania concrete steps are taken towards teenagers; the many activities of CE in Germany calls our attention that December is the busiest month in collecting funds for ministry. We also learn that Christian Endeavor is in crisis in many countries, however, we are happy to hear about communities that persist and get stronger, the same way just as Gideon in the time of the Judges.

Which prayer task touched you most?

The little CE society’s prayer tasks, where God’s presence can be spotted in the movement. We join them in prayer, hoping that God will call the next generations to be instruments of God. Our time demands new Gideons, young men and women, to prepare soil for the gospel’s seeds.

Can you remember a prayer task that you prayed for and the answer came soon?

We prayed for the involvement of endeavorers in the Prayer Week and we could see that from 2012 to 2013 the participation became stronger. We hope that in 2014 there will be even more endeavorers praying.

How can you imagine a Prayer Week in which the different National Unions in the world meet, pray together and realize the dynamics suggested by the guide?

It would be impossible to meet for a whole week, but we could get together through Ustream or Livestream (online broadcasting). We could establish an appointment most convenient for everyone. It’s inevitably a sacrifice for some, because of the different time zones. For those who can’t participate, the video streaming would always be accessible. We have to continue promoting the Prayer Week by offering materials to be followed and by giving opportunity for endeavorers to bring in specific elements of each country or region. That way, we could strengthen our union; and even though we cannot be together in one place, we can be united in fellowship as CE in the world.

How did the Prayer Week influence CE in Latin America?

As I mentioned before, this year we have had more participation on the Prayer Week, although I have to note, that there is little global involvement of endeavorers from Latin America. However, in México, the denominational unions have scheduled and promoted Prayer Week. In Guatemala and Peru, a special activity was organized for February 2, CE day. In the last two years the organization of the Prayer Week has been developing.

March 01, 2013, 08:53 h by Anna Visky, Assistant for President and General Se.