europe: April 18, 2013

20+ weekend in Balazsér, Ukraine

8-10 March 2013 was organized for the first time a 20+ weekend in Balazsér, Ukraine. The event targets youth that passed 20 and are not students anymore, but they would like to be close to God. The occasion’s theme was “Holiness”. Friday afternoon we heard a presentation about God’s holiness and we closed the night with icebreaking games.

Saturday started with a devotion, which was followed by a morning and an afternoon small group bible study on II. Timothy 2:22-26 and I Peter 1:13-25. We talked about aiming to the holy life, we deepened in dialogs and experienced growth by each other’s faith.

During the free time in the afternoon we were divided to 4 groups and had different ways to process the theme like esperente and pantomime.

The bible verses, discussions, happy and serious moments led me closer to the holy and living God, I could grow spiritually in this brotherhood.

April 18, 2013, 10:27 h by Julianna Farkas, member of CE, Mezővári, Ukraine.