asia: April 30, 2013

Medical Camp in Dharikati, India

Medical Camp will be conducted on May 6th 2013 at Dharikati Village, India under Balipara Primari helat Centre, where 100 Mosquito nets will be provided to 100 families who are economically poor. Please pray for Medical & Health Officer, Para Medical team, and also pray for the Medical camp so that through this we can share the Love of God in our action.

MEDICAL CAMP, Venue: DHARIKATI, Date: May 6th 2013
Jointly Organized by North East India Christian Endeavour Union, Sonitpur Baptist Christian Association, Sonitpur District CE Union & Dharikati Mising Baptist Church
In collaboration with BALIPARA PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE, Government of Assam

April 30, 2013, 10:39 h by Anna Visky.