wceu, europe: May 09, 2013

Support for CE Ukraine

KRISZ, the Ukrainian CE Union is organizing every year a convention called Dynamics, this year it will take place on 8 June. This is a very important event among their regular meetings (camps, retreat weekends and trainings), because youth are invited to attend from the whole district. Teenagers preparing for confirmation meet here, getting more information about KRISZ, as well as about the annual theme, which is deepened on the summer camps. Thank God, Dynamics is very popular among youth, which lead to the need of a larger location than the church because it reached 1600 participants. This is why it has to be organized in open air. There are no appropriate tents for the program so the weather was always an important issue to deal with in the past. Since now it has always been managed it somehow with God’s help. There's a permanent location and this is a good start.

Over 100 volunteers are helping in the preparations, 5-6 churches take on food costs, and 90% of our speakers are attending on their own costs. The sound system is offered by a Transcarpathian presbiter. It is important to list these facts, because despite a lot of volunteer work and offerings, KRISZ lacks funds. It is sustained with grant applications provided by the Hungarian state, but these are uncertain sources. There's no support at all from the Ukrainian state. Unfortunately, grants are decreasing, and the economical situation of the Transcarpathian church, like the state’s economical situation, is far from being stable.

5000 euros are needed in order to be able to rent a suitable tent for 1600 people.

So there are volunteers, churches that help Dynamics, food is provided, but there are no funds for renting a tent or building a covered arena. Please consider KRISZ's needs and finance through Go Fund Me with Pay Pal, if possible:


May 09, 2013, 10:52 h by Anna Visky.