america: May 23, 2013

News from CE Mid-Atlantic, USA

Rebirth Campaign The Rebirth CE Campaign continues in the US Mid-Atlantic states. Last newsletter we stated five churches were in process of starting CE. Since then, two additional churches have made this same commitment. The overall interest continues to be positive. We are still praying for thirteen more churches to make a verbal commitment to use CE in their local church setting by the end of 2013.

Teen Bash Last year C.E. Mid-Atlantic started an event with friendly competition and a brief message about using a person’s gifts and interests for God’s glory. This event, called Teen Bash, occurred for the second year in a row. It grew from four churches and about forty-five people to nine churches and over one hundred people. The dates are already set for 2014! Teen Bash is also about to go multi-site. Teen Bash will be happening in central Pennsylvania during the fall of 2013 as a group of C.E. churches want to have a Teen Bash in their area. Materials from the event have been put in a binder in order to help Teen Bash expand to more regions in the future.

Monthly Blog and Download A monthly blog and downloadable resource are being created to serve local church youth workers. This resource will begin going to interested people in May. Please send a message to if you would like to receive this resource.

Hosting the World CE Executive Team My family had the pleasure of hosting the World CE Executive Team meetings in our home April 4-5. Team members stayed with host families in the Ephrata, Pennsylvania region of the USA. Ephrata is right in the middle of Amish Country. The Amish are people who choose to live without electricity and other modern conveniences. They are known for their craftsmanship, work ethic, and committed faith. The Team was able to complete its business on Friday before going to the famous Shady Maple buffet. The next day the Team traveled to experience a US Youth Worker Conference at Messiah College.

May 23, 2013, 14:16 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic.