europe: May 29, 2013

Visitation - The secret of youth work

Two traveling secretaries of the German Youth Federation for Christian Endeavor (GYFCE), each one going in a caravan, are visiting 44 local CE societies in 44 days. The project 'Heimsuchung' (= visitation) is actually a field study through which Karsten Hüttmann and Bernd Pfalzer want to find out: What makes a local CE effective? Asked what is “effective youth work”, Bernd said: It is the relation between a given goal and what is achieved. In CE the 4 principles are the main objectives. We want to see how they are realized”. And Karsten added: “We will try to find parameters that determine functioning and effective youth work. And we hope this will help those groups whose activities are not running smoothly.” Bernd: “All the four principles are about relations; with god, with each other, with the world and with the Christians worldwide. I believe that youth groups function well where all this relations are balanced. Sometimes it results in bigger numbers, but quality is more important.” Karsten: “Yes, we do not visit just the big societies but the 'effective'. With the help of our State Unions we selected the 44 we are visiting.” Asked how the findings will be used, Karsten said: “We will be traveling in April and May. During the summer months we will analyze and evaluate the data and write a short summary. For 2014 we plan to publish a book with the results and the presentation of some exemplary CE-societies.” Last question: Today everything is made public. Is it possible to follow your tour online? Bernd: ”There will be a blog, a kind of travel diary ...” Karsten: “You can follow our tour on a virtual map and you will be able to contact us and perhaps we will upload short videos or pictures. We will see.”

May 29, 2013, 11:08 h by Extracted from an interview by Jörg Maushake.