europe: May 29, 2013

Függőleges Conference report

The Függőleges (Vertical) Christian Youth Conference (3-5 May) gathered more than 400 participants this year in Turda, Romania. The theme ‘Gender Identity’ made many young adults become interested about the event. On Friday a young couple held a presentation about issues concerning ones family life and to what extent these do influence one's identity. On Saturday we could hear the testimonies of young believers, who were telling about what it means to be followers of Jesus and the impact of this on their daily life. The afternoon was dedicated to femininity and masculinity and how precious these are in the Kingdom of God. With the help of more than 25 workshops the participants could get familiar with these themes. Fashion show, The sermon on Sunday summarized the messages of this conference placing great emphasis on the act of creation and on the church as the body of Christ.  And besides all this, we could also experience "the depths and the heights" of God's endless love, whilst visiting the salt mine in Turda and the cliffs above the gorge of Tureni. 

May 29, 2013, 11:12 h by Szidónia Szigeti, Program Coordinator, CE Genézius.