europe: June 21, 2013

Dynamics 2013

KRISZ (Ukrainian CE) is organizing events every year and the most important between all is the convention called ‘Dynamics’ which took place on 8th of June. The organizers could gather experiences of prior years and had God’s blessing, because this was the best Dynamics ever.

1500 youth filled the Bereg Camp, there was a very good atmosphere where youth could get to know each other, not to mention that the UR1 Band played wonderful songs.

The KRISZ organization team invited high-profile speakers to Dynamics. Zán Fábián Sándor lead the welcome devotion, who is the former president of KRISZ. He spoke about the sanctification process being part of our relationship with God.

The main presentation was held by ifj. Csomós József minister saying that sanctity means pursuing a very simple lifestyle with Jesus.

The seminars had several themes like freedom and promiscuity, hypocresy and abstinence, but youth could also talk about church, fallen saints, angels and demons.

The tents were provided by volunteer firemen, donations gathered by WCEU will be used for next years Dyanmics.

June 21, 2013, 12:17 h by Soós Kata, CE member, Ukraine.