europe: August 07, 2013

Connect Europe - a Wonderful Time in Fellowship

Participants from 6 countries (including one visitor from the USA) spent a wonderful time at the Connect Europe convention in Hattingen, Germany. Although language can be an obstacle in understanding each other’s joy and sorrow, this time the youth workers could feel a deep international fellowship. ‘This is Francis Clark’s heritage’ - says organizer host Rev. Daniel Hoffmann in one of his speeches.

The theme “Friendship request - connect to God, people and life” was presented mainly by Rev. Karsten Hüttmann (Germany) and Rev. Bálint Bacskai (Hungary). Their inputs were based on three implementations of the christian faith: believe, belong and behave. They pointed out how important it is to have a real encounter with Jesus, which can shape our christian behavior only and desire to belong to a church. The presentations and the bible verses analysed together helped the participants understand better and think over the attitude towards faith of today’s youth.

The afternoons had many interesting workshops on different fields of youth work like experimental learning, growth through team games, youth work in a post modern society, inter-generation work etc.

On the second day of the convention the leaders of the European CE Unions had a kind of council, where they reported about activities in their unions, discussed projects and deliberated about candidates for the future Vice-President Europe of the World’s CE Union and prayed together.

On the same day the Night of Nations took place where the participating countries presented themselves one by one. The audience learned that way about history, myths, foods and songs of the different cultures. Rev. Rudolf Westerheide, Director of CE in Germany, preached about unity in Christ. The song 'In Christ alone...' and the Lord’s Prayer closed the night. 

In their free time the participants could relax in the Euro Pub, where cocktails and waffels were prepared, snacks sold and good atmosphere for meeting and fellowship was provided.

August 07, 2013, 23:13 h by Anna Visky.