wceu: November 14, 2013

WCEU Board of Trustees Meeting in South Korea

The WCEU Board of Trustees met October 23 to 26 in Korea in 3 different places. Beside the regular business a meeting with the Korean CE leaders and a visit to the new venue for the 27th World's CE Convention was scheduled. 23rd evening and 24th morning the Finance Committee met in the High1 resort, which was supposed to be the venue for the convention. But shortly before the Board Meeting that plan had to be canceled because of an exorbitant price demanded by the High1 management.

In the afternoon the Nominating Committee selected the candidates for the 2014 board elections. The Convention Program Committee met as well and had Mr. Lim, Hyun-soo, General Secretary of the Korean Organizing Committee explaining the progress of planning for the convention and discussed the Korean suggestions for the program with him. 24th evening the Board of Trustees met with 14 members and proxies present and heard the reports of the treasurer and the president.

Next morning the Board left by bus to Welli Hilli Park, the location for the 2014 convention. A contract signing ceremony was held with Kálmán Adorján, President WCEU, Kyung Hwan Kim, Chairman Organizing Committee and the Hotelmanager with press and TV present. The facilities of the Holiday resort were shown and explained. After lunch the bus brought the Board to the city of Gwangju in the South West of Korea. The day closed with a late night (10 to 11 pm) session of the board, where the reports of the Ex. Committee and the Nominating Committee were heard and accepted. 26th morning between breakfast and departure from hotel another report was read to the board. Then all were taken to the opening ceremony of the KCEU annual general meeting in the Gwangju Dong Myong Presbyterian Church and were warmly welcomed by the Korean Endeavorers. In the course of the day was time for a last session of the board. The future of the WCEU archive was discussed. The registration fee for the World's CE Convention was fixed. Further a paper by CEI and MACE trying to define what is Christian Endeavor was presented and discussed

November 14, 2013, 10:15 h by Anna Visky.