europe: November 18, 2013

Volunteer Experience in Nepal

About Mt. Everest, MoMo and Me, Nepal - a country full of contrasts; with the highest mountain and one of the lowest rate of average income per head, with an old Hindu culture and a short but intensive history of Christians, with the Nepalese’s overwhelming hospitality and the country’s unpredictable politics, with the most delicious snack (MoMo) and the hottest food I have ever eaten. This summer I spent eleven weeks there as a WCEU Volunteer. It had been the first time I was away from Germany and my home such a long time and Nepal could not be more different. For my purpose as a WCEU Volunteer I visited many different organisations, CE Fellowships, Churches, seminars, children's homes, joined the Nepal CE Convention and worked together with the different youth groups. The new experiences I have made are uncountable! To deal with a unpredictable environment was challenging but it taught me to always fully rely on God and to live and to enjoy in each and every kind of way of living. And I enjoyed a lot! My work over there definitely changed myself and developed new skills within me. Thus it inspired me to think about new ideas for my own Church and CE and to search for new places and tasks where God wants to use me. To sum it up; - I came to learn about a new country and I learned to love it. Now I have a Nepalese family, friends, Church and home. Dhanyabaad and Jay Mesiah!

November 18, 2013, 15:40 h by Verena Gühne, Ex-Volunteer for CE in Nepal.