asia: November 29, 2013

Summer Camps in Lebanon

What a challenging year to have summer camps for Children, Young Adults and Youth! Despite the turmoil in the Middle East, life threatening explosives in Lebanon, and war in neighboring countries, we have trusted the only stable reality, God! That is how we started planning for the summer camps, and two evangelistic worship services. All three camps were held in Ainjar, Armenian Evangelical Boarding School and Church facility and campus. Ainjar is an Armenian-habitat village in West Bekaa Lebanon and very close to the Syrian borders.

Children: In August 5-11, we trusted 85 children and 14 leaders to God to go and have their summer camp. The speaker was from France, Mrs. Rose Baroudjian, who bravely came from France to Lebanon with her family to be a blessing for the campers and the leaders. She brilliantly explained to the kids, through dramas, crafts, and different activities, how they should take Joseph of the Old Testament, as an example and learn from him. The children, among which were Syrian refugees, really enjoyed the camp program, new songs, games, hikes, food, and the love and care of their leaders.

Young Adults: In August 14-18, we trusted 48 young men and women with their 8 leaders to God. The speaker was Rev. Sako Baroudjian (pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Paris- France), whose wife was the speaker in the earlier camp. They both did a great job, inspiring the campers and leaders. Rev. Baroudjian presented the theme, “Expressions of Faith”, in which he challenged the youth to be expressive in their faith through 7 different sessions. The youth also had the chance to do an outreach program for poverty children, playing games, teaching songs, sharing refreshments, and giving out hand-made bookmarks with a verse from the Bible that says: “Jesus loves you”. 15 of the young campers were from Syria, they live in Beirut as a refugee, and they have found it very healing to be part of a Lebanese group. They loved to be integrated and not separated or treated differently. The youth were also inspired to plan different outreach programs having in mind their skills, gifts, and abilities. We will pray and follow up on their plans.

One of the plans was to be active in the Evangelistic Meetings both in Ainjar and Beirut. Evangelistic Worship Services: Rev. Baroudjian, being an evangelist, did two different evangelistic meeting series, both in Ainjar and Beirut. A lot of people took decisions concerning their spiritual lives for the first time, and a lot more re-dedicated their lives to Christ, and the youth were their to help out, pray, usher, give out bibles and other spiritual material, play in worship band, and make and serve refreshments at the end of each night.

Youth: In August 26- November 1, we trusted 89 teenagers and 15 leaders to God. The speaker was Pastor Datev Basmajian (the youth worker of the CE Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon), presented the theme “Jesus Revolution!” His sessions were built on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. Pastor Basmajian challenged the teenagers to be revolutionary followers of Jesus in five different areas in their lives, (relationships, purity, integrity, forgiveness, and love). A lot of the campers were ready to accept the challenge and be bold in their peers no matter what the price was. They also had the chance to do community work around the village. Some helped by cleaning the church campus, others by cleaning an unfortunate home, and others by doing a program for the poverty kids including games and drama, and a Bible Message. We pray that God will always be their priority in life.

November 29, 2013, 15:00 h by Datev Basmajian Youth worker of the Armenian Evang.