america: December 09, 2013

Activities of CE Mid-Atlantic and agreement with CEI in process

Four weeks of summer camp were offered. Three weeks included home repairs during the day and opportunities to gather for worship and fellowship in the evening. The fourth week was our annual summer conference called Summer Assembly. God did an incredible work through these weeks of camp. Our Rebirth CE campaign continues to make progress. Discussions have been occurring with Tim Eldred of CEI in order to have a standard brand or approach to CE in the US These discussions have been fruitful and already yielded a document we are in agreement with. We look forward to collaborating in other ways as we look to reenergize and Rebirth CE across the Mid-Atlantic US States and beyond.  Four youth completed the CE Leadership Academy called 'Imagine the Impact'. These youth met with a mentor twice a month, attended three retreat experiences, and launched leadership projects combining evangelism and social concern. We also had a staff retreat/training day in August. We are already in the midst of planning spring and summer events for 2014!

December 09, 2013, 13:03 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic.