america: December 09, 2013

Activities of CE Peru in the Month of September

  1. We had a workshop on the decentralization of leadership in Abancay, Huancayo and Huanuco entitled “The Challenges and Expectations of Christian Endeavor”. 200 Peruvian leaders participated and dealt with ways to solve CE issues.
  2. We participated on the “We love peace” march organised by the Coordinator of the Evangelical Youth. More than 300 young people of different denominations gathered in Lima and shouted for peace. One of the most important event of the year, the National Assembly of CE will take place in Paracas in December. We are electing our national leadership for 2014-2015. In these months we are electing our board from different regions of Peru.

December 09, 2013, 13:09 h by Daniel Peña, CE Peru.