wceu: March 14, 2014

CE Prayer Week Report and Visit to India, Pakistan

During the CE Prayer Week Andreas Rudolph, General Secretary WCEU attended a convention of CE in South India (CEiSI) in Chennai, India, and visited a group of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan. The main result of his visit to India was an agreement between the two in all South India active regional CE unions. The boards of SICEU and CEiSI will have in future joint meetings only and will plan and execute CE activities in South India together. Also ways towards an organizational merger will be worked out. The next elections will result in one board of one united regional CE union in South India. The Pakistani pastor Roshan had inquired about CE through the web a year ago. After studying the basics and the structure of the CE youth ministry he and his friends decided to start Christian Endeavor in their circles of house churches. A. Rudolph met some of the groups and found serious interest in Christian Endeavor and much enthusiasm. Now pastor Roshan and evangelist Samuel translate some basic CE material into their national language Urdu and will organize the groups hoping to form a national CE Union in Pakistan soon.

A manual, prepared well in advance by the Irish CE Union, helped greatly to organize prayer meetings and events in the national CE unions. As far as we got to know the manual was translated into Spanish, German and Hungarian to include those endeavorers who do not know enough English. In Germany the CE prayer week was included into a series of programs commemorating 111 years of the German Youth Federation for Christian Endeavor. Almost all local CE societies will conduct some kind of outreach inviting youth to live their life with and for Jesus. Prayer is an important part for these activities and so the prayer week fitted well into this special year. Every day the endeavorers were reminded and encouraged through a Facebook posting.

In other national CE unions the CE Day (2 February, founding date of the first CE society and first day of the CE Prayer Week) was observed with special events and meetings.

March 14, 2014, 09:18 h by Andreas A. Rudolph, Gen. Sec. WCEU.