america: March 14, 2014

Activities of CE Mid-Atlantic

CE Mid-Atlantic’s Rebirth Campaign will come to a close in April. The purpose of this effort was to raise financial resources to spread Christian Endeavor across the US’s Mid-Atlantic states through developing resources necessary for this effort, growing its programs, and developing an infrastructure for the work to continue in an effective manner into the future. A few simple resources have been developed which has helped involve new churches with CE.
The effort has not helped grow the program numbers. All the programs are being studied to ensure the right opportunities are being offered considering the ministry environment we find ourselves in today. We are greatly encouraged by the natural disaster relief weeks we’ll be offering youth and adults from churches in southern New Jersey. New Jersey sustained considerable damage when hurricane Sandy struck its shores in the fall of 2012. Hundreds of families across four counties are still homeless from this storm’s impact. We are looking forward to seeing youth take action in New Jersey. We are also looking to expose several new churches to CE through these weeks.
We also worked with an outside group to examine the way CEMA functions. This organizational audit yielded several encouraging results as well as several items that need attention. The CEMA board is meeting in February to assess the recommendations and determine how these changes can be implemented. The outcome will be an organization better designed for the culture and landscape of 2014 and beyond.
Finally, Tim Eldred of CEI and I met for three days to look at the overall message of CE and training implications for growing CE. God helped us complete some important work on this subject while giving us insight into several other opportunities for collaboration and CE growth. Please pray for CEI and CEMA as they seek the Lord for His guidance and direction. May God be praised and glorified through the work He has done, is doing.

March 14, 2014, 09:30 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic.