europe: March 14, 2014

News from Scotland

A special meeting was held on 26 October 2013 to discuss the future of CE in Scotland. After much discussion, it was decided to continue with the CE in Scotland website ( and with the ‘CE in Scotland’ Facebook page for the next three years. Encouragement will also be given to the Junior Groups in Scotland. There is a collection of photographs, pamphlets, publications, Convention Handbooks and minute books which are of interest to many of our Endeavorers from the past. Some artefacts date back to 1889! It is proposed to have several Road-shows at different locations in Scotland in the near future to let Endeavorers see them before they are deposited into archives. Changes were made in the personnel of the Executive but the office bearers remain the same. These members are keen to continue to promote the work of Christian Endeavor in Scotland. To celebrate Founder’s Day and to encourage the Juniors in the Hamilton Baptist Church, there were special Church services on Sunday 16 February 2014, morning and evening, taken by their CE members.

March 14, 2014, 09:53 h by Elizabeth McGrouther, Organizing Secretary.