europe: March 14, 2014

‘ People are always late’ - Linnéa Häusser is a Volunteer at CE Romania from Germany

My name is Linnéa and I came to Romania last year in November for a ten month voluntary at the Genézius Project. I am from a village next to Hamburg in the northern part of Germany. In the last years I was studying in Bochum in the western part of Germany and finished my Social Work studies. According to that I wanted to become a volunteer so that I can try out the theory that I learned and for personal reasons getting influenced by a different culture and a new environment. The EC Nordheide has a long term relationship to some communities in Romania. I have been to different journeys before, where we supported the CE in practical work. Maybe these visits changed me and my heart that I took this step to go for a longer time. Sometimes God speaks to me through songs and people. He also did in the time I had to decide. So there was no way, not to come! I am supporting the Genézius Team in different fields of student and youth work. It’s about camps, conferences, youth-groups and student-mission. Genézius belongs to the Hungarian CE Romania. Another task is to connect German and Romanian CE-groups. 

(We asked Linnéa to tell us 3 things that she has learnt in Romania) 1. There is always a soup before the main course. 2. Men don´t shake hands with girls. It feels like you are invisible. 3. People are always late. 

Linnea’s blog about the time in Romania:

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