europe: June 02, 2014

Leadership meeting at TENKE (TINCA) from Romania

Between 9-11th of May 2014 it was held a leadership meeting with the participation of 24 persons from the boards of CE Romania and Bethania CE Hungary. (as you can see in the picture below)

The aim of the meeting was to discuss about common visions, goals and to find together solutions on some questions regarding to CE work. The program contained presentations about the following topics: calling, responsibility and commitment. Besides them, workshops gave the possibility to discover the main challenges and difficulties inside CE Romania and Hungary. One of the main issues of both organisations is how to involve young people into CE work, how to integrate them into the organisation and how to motivate them to commit themselves. As a way to find solutions we underlined some important aspects of the problem: First of all we need to work on the field of mutual acceptance and understanding of both parties (young and older generation)

We need to give to youth more love and trust in advance We need to communicate using the biblical language of love We need to have a peacemaker and bridge builder presence which can only be given by God. We need to recognise our own problems with some new approaches and forms which are used and tried out by the younger generation

We also had some specific ideas how we could help the process of integration of the young people: It is important to involve young people in the programs, events by giving them specific responsibilities. It is also important to give free hand in some areas for the young people and to learn to give up our leading role in some programs, activities. Make a step back, but in the same time offer support for youth – this seems to be the solution. We also underlined the importance of the continual prayer background on both sides. The meeting was a wonderful opportunity to build stronger relationships with members from another country’s CE organisation and we really felt God’s blessing presence in all what it happened at Tenke. We hope to continue organising and having such kind of meetings also in the near future.

June 02, 2014, 16:55 h by Imola Samaj, secretary at CE Romania National Offi.