wceu: September 17, 2014

Discussion about the Prayer Week 2015

At the Prayer Week meeting a work group brainstormed on how it could be changed to make it more accessible and easier to follow. After long discussion Nathan Robb (CE Mid-Atlantic) explained that he thought National Unions should pray over the course of 12 months so every month on the second a different time zone in the world be praying. For example the 2nd of February being the Birthday of Christian Endeavor, people in the ‘Pacific Time Zone’ would pray. Than on the 2nd of March National Unions would follow from the next time zone. The reason for this is to keep us thinking and praying for Christian Endeavor over the entire year. But it also makes easier to understand when the National Unions would be praying. A specific Time Zone could create prayer activities through their month with a local Christian Endeavor group. The group discussed a second possibility as well, to pray only during one day, 2nd of February in a certain hour, which would actually be different for National Unions in the different time zones. In this way endeavorers over the world would create a 24 hour, non-stop prayer chain.

Endeavorers are asked to send their feedbacks on this matter to assistant.wceu@gmail.com.

September 17, 2014, 10:13 h by Nathan Robb, member of CE Mid Atlantic.