wceu: September 17, 2014

CE Volunteer: Eszter Páskuj (RO) in Germany

What did actually mean those 10 months for me in Kassel (Germany)? I was a volunteer in the WCEU Office, where I was helping Andreas Rudolph. My main tasks were translating texts for the ‘mobile devotions’ project and archiving CE books. The most important motivational power in undertaking this volunteering year was the German language. It was great to see how much progress I made in this area (I recommend it to everyone!). I am also very grateful for all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences as well, which shaped me and probably brought me closer to God. Kassel meant for me stepping out of my comfort zone and re-evaluating the picture formed of myself until now. I asked myself more than once: ‘Is this really me?’. A new environment can teach you a lot of things. And these self-knowledge lessons were very valuable. They pointed out that there are still many things about myself I should work on. Thinking back to the past ten months I must say that God loved me and took care of me very much. I am very thankful for Andreas Rudolph, who provided a home for me in Germany and who put aside his work very often in order to listen to me. Andreas was always open to my problems and stories. I am also very grateful for those, who became my friends in the past year and for the many experiences, which influenced and shaped my life.

September 17, 2014, 10:50 h by Eszter Páskuj, CE Romania.