africa: October 08, 2014

Update on the Situation with Ebola in Sierra Leone

Citizens are all trying to manage the situation by following the rules set in consequence of Ebola disease: “don’t touch , don’t visit the dead and don’t to eat bushmeat”. 49% of the country was in lock down for three days because of the virus.

As of date Ebola has killed over 500 people and over 1,000 people were infected. Out of 130 infected children 60 had died 70 had survived.

As of today, we have 1151 children in quarantined homes, out of which 261 are orphans. In these homes only rice and oil are given out to people. Basic food’s price is doubled. Many people are refusing to accept orphans in their homes because they need extra care and support.

Traveling in Sierra Leone is challenging, check points are mounted all over for temperature checking. If your temperature is above 38 degrees you are taken for further checking.

Rev Sorie Kamanda, General Secretary of CE in Sierra Leone is bringing biblical approach on Ebola at trainings to encourage people. He read James 5:14-15, I Thess. 5:11, 2 Cor.1:3-4 and Acts 4:34.

If you would like to support endeavorers in Sierra Leone, donate to the WCEU account in Germany (IBAN: DE94 5206 0410 0000 8038 98 – BIC: GENODEF1EK1) or send a check to the American WCEU office (P.O. Box 723, GROVE CITY, PA 16127-0723 U.S.A). Don’t forget to mention your contribution’s purpose.


Families’ unemployment is high, many people live on daily subsistence, they eat what they produce for the day. Pray that humanitarian organizations would have the capacity to meet their needs.

Many homes are quarantined, the only provision they get is rice and oil.

The concern for many sierraleoneans is that during the lock downs the armed robbery is spread. Pray that the security personnel would be on top of the situation.

Continue to pray for my family and the thousands of children that are in quarantine. Pray for more support from the international community for the fight against ebola.

October 08, 2014, 09:41 h by From emails by Rev Sorie Kamanda.