america: March 11, 2015

CE Mid-Atlantic Inspires Local Churches

One primary step was taken to enhance CE’s ability to inspire local churches in recent months. Work was begun to develop two mobile websites to allow people accessing the C.E.M.A. website to have a more readable version. These sites available since end of January. Steps to Equip churches more effectively were also taken. Two apps that will be available through both iPhone and Android smart phones are currently in process. The first app will be primarily a discipleship tool for youth. It will include the CE Pledge and tips to encourage youth to Pray, Study, Share, Serve and Worship. The second app will be a youth worker app designed to enhance the summer work camp ministry.

During 2014’s last quarter three new initiatives were started to Encourage the work in churches starting CE. The first initiative was launching a new monthly email newsletter called REAL IMPACT. The REAL IMPACT e-letter highlights one church and how CE has been effective in helping their youth discipleship efforts. The second initiative is a youth worker luncheon taking place three times per year. Youth workers gathered in November for the first time to share how they are applying CE in their setting. The next gathering is scheduled for March. Finally, the third initiative was on site visitations. Two CE staff have visited several churches with plans to visit the remaining churches this winter. This step has helped the relationship between CE and local churches to deepen. It has also enhanced our ability to be a network advocate as we have seen the practices being applied in local settings.

March 11, 2015, 11:00 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic.