asia: September 02, 2015

Personal reflections on situation after earthquake in Nepal

Extracts from Verena Gühne CE Volunteer’s blog from Germany

CE Volunteer Verena Gühne returned to Nepal to help those affected by the earthquake. She participates in several rehabilitation missions. Some fragments of her blog posts since arrival to Kathmandu:

6 August

I had prepared myself mentally for streets with gaps, destroyed houses on every corner, people in mass-tents. Everything seemed normal instead. […] After some conversations I found out that some houses seem to be ok from outside, but have actually many cracks and they are not habitable. For example the house of my hosts is visibly sunken in the ground and after the earthquake it gets much more easily damaged. Sometimes it’s the water tank, other times just little cracks. The whole valley of Kathmandu was lifted about 3 meters and moved to West.

[…] But what is more important: Something had changed in people. This motivates me to engage in Trauma Relief Work. I have met a young Spanish lady on my flight to Kathmandu who is involved in a similar work. It is good to see, that so many people help including my community. One family has opened a little orphanage for children who have lost their family or have little care. A lot of young people have been active to join several Relief Actions in and around Kathmandu.

12 August

Last Sunday I was together with Reach Out Ministry in Gorkha - the most damaged area of Nepal after the earthquake. 20 volunteers, including me, have visited a school there and conducted an Art Trauma Relief Program.

We played, sang, did handcraft, talked with the children and gave them a little present (copybooks, tooth pasta, pencils etc.). ROM has expanded this program to other schools as well. The purpose was to spend quality time with children, explain them the consequences of traumas or just talk to them about what happened. We tried to encourage and appreciate the chidren and have fun with them.

September 02, 2015, 18:55 h by Anna Visky.