asia: September 02, 2015

Daily Vacation Bible School in Lebanon

Interview by Raffi Chilingirian, President CE Lebanon

In order to gain further knowledge about the DVBS, we had this quick interview with Ms. Liza Barsoumian who is leading this year's summer school for the third year now.

Raffi: What will the children learn this year, regarding Christian principles?

Liza: Daily Vacation Bible School is one of the most successful forms of outreach for children. Every child needs to hear about God, not only once, but multiple times. This year Children will learn the basic concept of praising God for His power, providence, love, authority and greatness.

Raffi: How many children have registered in DVBS?

Liza: More than 150 Children. Raffi: The number of children registering has increased, what do you think are the reasons?

Liza: Children’s ministry is fun, rewarding and an opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on children and their families. Daily Vacation Bible School is simply fun and children love it. When children have fun, they are more likely to pay attention, learn and invite their friends. We make sure that our Vacation Bible School is worth attending through its organized and prepared activities. Promotion is vital to any successful program, and it can turn a simple event into a significant outreach program. Vacation bible school needs special promotion, for that reason we used posters, fliers, announcements and reminders. Social media is significant as well in promoting an important program as Vacation Bible School, so we created Facebook page dedicated to our DVBS to share lots of pictures of our fun and exciting activities and children being part of that excitement.

Raffi: How did you choose your teachers and helpers? Liza: There are certain characteristics leaders of DVBS need to have, and they are chosen accordingly:

Good relationship with God Biblical knowledge Loves Children Teachable Team player Cooperative Responsible Ready to learn Dependable

Raffi: Why is it important for the church to initiate a DVBS?

Liza: There are many institutions and NGOs organizing summer school activities for children. The major difference between these institutions and our churches is on what they focus, while other institutions focus on creating fun, recreational activities for children, our focus is on biblical priorities. DVBS is an outreach ministry focusing on Jesus and helping children to have loving and good relationship with Him and eventually becoming mature adults of faith.

September 02, 2015, 19:32 h by Anna Visky.