wceu: September 03, 2015

Reflections by Paul Vilchez, Volunteer for WCEU

One of the first thoughts I had entering the World’s Union's office was how from that small space the whole CE movement was organized; but I was wrong. The office only serves as a base from where we connect with our brothers and sisters from Pakistan, Romania, Peru, Australia, and so on… But the World’s Union is organized by many people from wherever their ministry is at, and that can be anywhere in the world. To myself, now living in a place in the United States where the movement has slowly disappeared, it was a surprise to see how alive the movement is in other places, and how different it is in other countries. The movement lives up to its name, as it is being challenged by other more “permissive” movements, where being called a Christian results easier.

The movement represents something beautiful about the Bible that can be easily forgotten: the struggle of walking a Christian life. We call ourselves endeavorers because we try to walk that way and we endeavor throughout all of our mistakes and failures. Clearly, this is not an easy ‘title’, regardless of age or culture; but I found motivation knowing that there is a group of people in every continent that prays for me when every time they pray for all the endeavorers.

My time in Germany was very gratifying, and I see the work I did very small compared to all I gained. But I couldn’t be more proud of my history regarding the movement and I have faith God will keep us alive and fruitful until he comes back.

by Paul Vilchez, Volunteer for WCEU

September 03, 2015, 16:16 h by Anna Visky.