wceu: November 17, 2015

Job posting - General Secretary WCEU

The World's Christian Endeavor Union (WCEU), an organization committed to Christian values and principles, looks for a successor of its present General Secretary to begin working no later than April 2017 or earlier. WCEU is working with national CE Unions of different languages, cultures and denominations around the world with the purpose: "to unite in closer fellowship the Christian Endeavorers of the world, to promote the interests of the Christian Endeavor movement, to reinforce the Christian Churches in every land, and to cement the spiritual union of Christians the world around." (Bylaws, Art.2) WCEU works as a team of mainly volunteers to achieve its aims and objectives.

Summary of the Position:

The General Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer and the principal clerk of the WCEU, which serves as an umbrella organization of most of the national CE unions in the World. He /she is to coordinate Christian Endeavor efforts and activities on a global level. This position is open to all qualified applicants.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the Recording Secretary and Clerk of the Corporation
  • Maintain records of the proceedings of the Council, Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee
  • Notify officers and committee members of election or appointment
  • Direct the World's Union’s Headquarters Office
  • Handle official and office correspondence
  • Maintain World's Union records (archive)
  • Oversee financial operations and the annual audit of World's Union financial records
  • Maintain Directory of the Officers, Trustees, and Council members, including national presidents and secretary of each national union
  • Director of World's Conventions
  • Assist in the organizing and preparing of arrangements for World's Conventions
  • Ex-officio voting member of any convention committees appointed
  • Contact national unions regarding convention subsidies, etc.
  • Represent the World's Union in its relationship with other organizations and movements.
  • Maintain regular contact and brotherly working relationship with national CE unions, provide links and encourage participation in the activities of the WCEU.
  • Supervise and coordinate the organizing and receiving of new unions into the World's Union
  • Provide consultancy for national unions in need and organize support where possible.
  • Supervise and direct the Field Work program of the World's Union
  • Develop appropriate and meaningful programs and opportunities that nurture faith and foster international relationships.
  • Recruit, facilitate, train and nurture volunteers in leading or assisting in CE programs.
  • Coordinate the Regional Conference program and assist the Vice-Presidents in organizing regional conferences and/or other regional activities
  • Responsible for promoting the ministry of the World's Union
  • Publish a World's Union Newsletter and other means of communication on a regular basis
  • Care for appropriate measures to secure the necessary finances for the WCEU
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Qualifications: Education and Experience:

  • Theologically trained, able to tolerate the various denominations and deal with them and their teachings.
  • Experience in working with different churches is an asset.
  • If possible with practical experience/education in youth ministry
  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing), Spanish knowledge desirable
  • Candidates with experience of living in a foreign country are preferred

Skills and Abilities:

  • Coordinating abilities, able to offer leadership to the organization
  • Team building skills and a commitment to team leadership.
  • Understanding of the different cultures and their spirituality; ability to accept them and adapt to it
  • Experience in developing concepts and programs
  • Ability to make sound and balanced judgments in general, spiritual and theological matters.
  • Experience in the fields of business and administration of organizations, handling meetings
  • Computer handling skills
  • Experience with modern technology, media, Internet, social platforms etc.
  • Must be willing and able to travel also to less developed areas
  • 30 to 45 years old;
  • Committed Christian, must be dedicated to the CE movement and its basic ideas
  • A pro-active personality rather than a re-active
  • Well-developed social/interpersonal skills, must display tact and diplomacy and be socially sensitive.
  • Ability to represent WCEU in the public and the worldwide church

Salary/Working time:

  • Working time is flexible, the schedule includes evenings, weekends, public holidays, as per demands of the work.
  • Salary will be commensurate with average pastors remuneration in the country where the future GS will reside. Employment guidelines and standards, details of salary, holidays are subject of negotiations. The contract between the WCEU and the future GS will be drafted along the lines of what is usual for a similar post in the country of the GS's residence and the WCEU's office.
  • The location of the WCEU office depends on who is going to be the future GS of the WCEU.

Qualified candidates are invited to submit a covering letter and resume detailing their related background, experience and qualifications by December 31, 2015 to:


We also welcome recommendations of persons fitting for the position.

November 17, 2015, 09:23 h by Anna Visky.