europe: November 26, 2015

Summer and autumn in CE Romania

• Camps at CE Bucsin Campsite

by Éva Bartha, Camp Leader

CE Bucsin campsite hosted this year 15 events among which a Prayer Day with 170 participants, camps for vulnerable children of Lídia and Dorcas Orphanages, preadolescent and adolescent groups, as well as an aftercare week for people who overcame addiction. 5th to 12th July an Erasmus+ exchange program took place at CE Bucsin campsite. Children from the Roma ethnic group were invited to participate from Hungary and Onesimus project for vulnerable youth. The topic of the week was ‘Craftmanship’ with the aim of drawing closer the youth to different kind of working techniques in a Christian environment. The group visited workshops of nearby city, Sovata and they could also try some professions while working in the camp: rendering, beading, cooking, playing music etc. Free time programs included a visit to the orphanage opened by Benedictine monk Csaba Böjthe in Sovata, as well as sports, games, chatting. They had a very blessed time!

• Bible study groups

by Attila Bán, member of CE, Romania

Genesius student youth group started its meetings this Autumn with dynamism and some new members (e. g. from Hungary) who seem to find their place among us. There are more persons who feel responsible for the group and they build up the theme and methods of the meetings: this season we try to grow in faith and knowledge through the book of 1 Timothy and try to focus on our personal life and the contemporary events (including the major phenomenon of migration). At the same time we don't forget to be playful, positive and loving. Every event starts with a common relaxed dinner which is a good way to get closer to each other. This year we would like to start building up relations with those persons and families who are the older generation of Genesius youth group. These relations can be precious possibilities to share personal experience and knowledge in a frame of mentoring, friendly meetings.

• CE Conference, General Assembly

by Sarolta Mátyás, participant

The 24th CE Conference took place this year at Tóköz Reformed Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on September 25-27. The topic was: - Do you believe? Do you serve Him? Joyful testimony, healthy ministry. We started every day with prayer which was later followed by several speakers who reflected on rejoicing and ministry, salvation and joy, battles in faith, obedience in every area of our life. Minister Eszter Berke spoke on Psalms 73, 21-28, emphasizing the importance of being in love with God. Minister István Lőrincz read Romans 10, 6-13 and was talking about how confessing Christ could bring happiness in our lives. Saturday evening a panel discussion took place on the spiritual heritage of CE Romania which includes survivors of communist imprisonments: János Fekete, Miklós Püsök sen., Sámuel Boda, Zoltán Dézsi, Sándor Szilágyi sen. and Ferenc Visky. The conference ended with the Sunday service of minister Sándor Berke which was followed by strengthening the commitment to Christ and the church through reciting the CE Pledge.

November 26, 2015, 15:33 h by Anna Visky.