america: March 15, 2016

CE Mid-Atlantic: Birthday and other reasons to celebrate

April 8, 2016 will be a banner day for Christian Endeavor in the USA. A banquet is being held that evening for three purposes. First, the banquet will celebrate C.E.’s 135th year. Praise God for the work of Dr. Francis Clark in 1881 that has touched so many lives and united all of us in God’s kingdom work for Christ and the Church!

Second, on April 8 Christian Endeavor Mid-Atlantic will officially become CE USA to support churches in all the 50 states that desire to connect with Christian Endeavor. It will go by the name Christian Endeavor at home but will be referred to as C.E. USA when in world connections. A redesign of the organization’s website is beginning. It will use the name This address is already active but will eventually be shifted to our new site. The new site will be “responsive” or able to adjust for the size of all tablets, phones or computers.

Third, April 8th will serve as the kick off for the 'Grow C.E. Campaign'. The CEMA board unanimously voted to trust the Lord to provide and guide our efforts as we seek to raise $225,000 over three years in order to carry out the Grow C.E. 2020 Vision. The goal is to train 100 churches and help them start the C.E. process by December 31, 2016.

A new resource was written this fall and will be completed by the end of January. This resource is called the T.E.A.M. Work Manual. It specifically guides churches in understanding how to set up committee structures to allow adults to coach youth in leading ministry. The ministry app was put on hold for most of 2015, but meetings have begun to take place in order to study the steps needed to complete this important discipleship tool.

March 15, 2016, 14:53 h by Dave Coryell, Executive Director, CE Mid-Atlantic,.