auspac: March 15, 2016

Theresia Bär - Volunteer in Australia

Daniel Hoffman, CE Pastor in Germany, had an enquiry from one of his CE members who asked about visiting Australia on the volunteer CE program. Theresia Bar was willing to take an au- pair type position, and an Australian family, Justin and Karen Gilfillan were very enthusiastic about sharing their child care, domestic chores, family social, sport and church outings. Justin is a past Australian President with a lifetime of CE experience. Theresia visited 8 weeks during July to September. ‘Theresia left Australia feeling like we accepted her into our house and had treated her like family. She used our house as a bit of a base of operations for her to see some of Australia and even visited with my family in Penrith (New South Wales) for a week or so. She took the opportunity to see Noosa, Moreton Island, Brisbane, Southbank, and we took her on family outings whilst she was here too. She baked us some delicious cakes while she was here and also helped around the house with cleaning, looking after the boys. While she was staying with us we discussed German & Australian cultures, the differences and similarities. Our nation’s histories, and CE / youth ministry. She told us how her mother was involved in the CE group at her home church and how she volunteered with her Youth ministry and at holiday (vacation) clubs. Overall, I think she had a wonderful time in Australia visiting, holidaying, and experiencing our culture. We also very much enjoyed having her stay with us and would be favorable to having another student visit with us in the future.’

March 15, 2016, 15:05 h by Anna Visky.