wceu: May 10, 2016

Dave Coryell, Executive Director of CE USA voted to be next General Secretary

The Nominating Committee reported to the Executive Committee, that out of 28 Trustees 21 have send in their ballot. The result of the election was as follows:

    Dave Coryell    -   13 votes
    Tim Eldred     -     3 votes
    Daniel Hoffmann -  5 votes

Dr. Dave Coryell, presently Executive Director of CE USA was voted to be the next General Secretary. It was agreed that Andreas A. Rudolph hands over the charges to Dr. David D. Coryell some time Nov. / Dec. 2016. Due to financial difficulties, the next General Secretary will serve as a part-time employee starting from 2017.

May 10, 2016, 10:48 h by Anna Visky.