auspac: May 12, 2016

Christian Endeavor Regional Convention Pacific

2016 Regional Convention - Honiara, Solomon islands, July 7th – 11th 2016

Theme: Go with God

(Sermon Titles represent CE Principles – Confession of Christ, Service for Christ, Loyalty to Christ’s Church, Fellowship with Christ’s People)


Public Convention Rallies

Thursday 7th July pm    Fellowship with God’s people – be faithful    Solomon Islands, Rev Bishop Mattias Eddie Lima, Bishop of South Seas Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands 

Friday 8th July pm         Loyalty to God’s Church – be a Joshua  Hawaii, Rev Michael Warren, World CE Board member, Hawaii CE Board member in Presbyterian Church

Saturday 9th July pm   Witness for God – be a Paul    Solomon Islands, Rev Eric David Maefonea, Ordained minister in Solomon Islands SSEC Director of SWIM in SI

Sunday 10th am      Worship God – be a David     Australian Samoa, Rev Malifa Malifa, Vice President for Christian Endeavour, Congregational Christian Church of Samoa in Australia

Sunday 10th pm     Serve God in CE – be a Disciple    American Samoa, Rev Faataape Lavatai’i, Australia and Pacific Region CE Vice President 20

May 12, 2016, 12:31 h by Anna Visky.