europe: May 26, 2016

News from CE Russia

Dear colleagues from CE, just know that CE Russia does exist and we are working for Christ and the Church. Here are some photos from our outreach in March, on St. Patrick's Day; board meeting of CE Russia and Central Black-ground Presbytery in Voronezh; Youth meeting in pastoral house near Catholic Cathedral which we organize each Saturday in the evening (it's a Christian fellowship of catholic and protestant youth). Before Passover (Traditional Russian Easter) the local Presbyterian Community went for aring outreach

What are we planing for this spring and summer? Outreaches in different cities in Russia, Bible School in Voronezh want to cooperate with CE Russia, CE Russia wants to cooperate with Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Moscow (where I received theological education), may be this fall we will celebrate 118th Anniversary of CE Russia and 15 years of my ministry. Please post some pictures that I sending you at World CE Union web site, let it be encouragement for colleagues in CE, that CE Russia working and we love you all.

May 26, 2016, 12:49 h by Dominick Semenov, Leader of CE Russia.