asia: September 09, 2016

Flood in Assam

Mr. Kretofil Bhengra, General Secretary of CE in N.E. India, reported to CEiI, WCEU and relief organizations about floods in Assam and asked for help. He wrote that there are 5 villages in Sonitpur District and 3 villages in Lakhimpur District badly affected. About 1500 families in Sonitpur District and 1200 families in Lakhimpur District are suffering and need food and shelter. The houses are still under water and people are taking shelter temporarily at a school and at the road side. Government department is providing Rice, Dal and Salt only which are not sufficient according to the comments from the victims. Brother Bhengra visited the area on July 16th at Gohpur (Sonitpur Dist.)and on 17th July at Bhorolua (Lakhimpur Distr.). He found it will be great help if we raise funds to support these affected poor families. Some are Christians; CE members are also affected among the many from other religions. Kretofil Bhengra requests prayer for the affected people and donations to have means for helping them.

September 09, 2016, 10:16 h by Condensed by A. Rudolph.