wceu: November 29, 2016

Two precious brethren - General Secretary is changing

The World’s Christian Endeavor Union faces a change: we say goodbye to our General Secretary (GS), Andreas A. Rudolph at the occasion of his retirement, and welcome the new one, Dr. Dave C. Coryell, who steps in beginning with December 1st, this year. We believe, that the One, who spoke in parables about merchants, stewards and householders, is the best of them: as the Heavenly Householder, Christ is the one, who brings forth out of his treasure, not only things, but people, new and old. (Mt 13:52). This is how we look now to these two precious brethren – old and new General Secretaries – as to gifts from the heavenly treasure. As for such ones, we give thanks and pray for a blessed continuation of their ways, in their respective capacity. To help the readers of this Newsletter sensing the above mentioned change, I asked almost similar questions the retiring and the new GS. You will find the interview in an attachment to this newsletter and on the WCEU website and the WCEU blog. Hopefully it also assures the reader about somebody, who does and will not change: the Lord of both the “householders” presented!


You look back now to one decade of service in WCEU. As far as I can trace it back, you never wrote about yourself in the “Who is…?” (brief information about the officers and trustees of the WCEU) column of the WCEU Newsletter. Of course, the whole Newsletter, which you edited and your reports tell a lot about you, still, I would like to ask you to introduce yourself in a more personal way. How did your life resp. your life with Christ begin?

In November 1951 I was born into a factory-workers family. My father did upholstery and lining in railway cars, my mother ran the family, with finally three boys and a girl. She also worked in the fields, garden and farm and produced most of the food for the family. I was baptized as an infant and that was the beginning of my life with Christ. Later I grew in understanding and trusting Christ.

When did you meet first CE? How did it mold your relationship with God and with fellow believers?

A girl of the local CE was my Sunday School teacher and at the age of 10 I joined the Junior CE group. The CE members were our closest friends and they spend a lot of time with my brothers and me. I became a co-leader of the juniors and then first an 'associate'; later an 'active' member of CE. In the course of these years my faith was formed as it is taught and understood in the pietistic fellowship movement, of which CE in Germany is part of.

What blessings and testings did you encounter personally or as a couple?

Our marriage is a great blessing and I am very grateful for Hanna. I learned a lot from her, especially how her nasty health issues after all led her to a closer walk with Jesus. Having no children – although we both have been assured by the physicians to be perfectly o.k. - is a challenge and the saddening mildew in our life. However, I decided to get excited, whenever friends had a baby, and to support them and their children. And – the Lord made me to care for thousands of children in India while I was responsible for the Social-Missionary Service of the German CE. Hanna and I consider it a great blessing too, that we had the chance to live in different cultures and meet sisters and brothers from all parts of the world.

Which aspect of CE meant the most for you personally and in the ministry?

Unity and fellowship despite all the diversity of cultures and denominations; the learning by doing aspect, which successfully trains children and youth to serve Christ and the church.

What made you decide to enter Christian ministry? In which forms of it have you been involved so far?

I am a trained gardener and completed 3 years of studies in this field with the degree 'Engineer of Horticulture' at the age of 21. While attending a CE camp – I was 20 years old – the Lord spoke to me through the bible study lessons on the prophet Jonah with the theme „A fellow-worker runs away from God”. I was quite disturbed since I did not expect a call into the full-time ministry. But once I promised Jesus to go for theological studies, trusting he will provide my needs, peace returned into my heart and I knew this is what he wanted me to do. After my training I was pastor of State Church Fellowships in Hannover. Then (1979) Hanna and I got married and left Germany to work in an Armenian village in Lebanon (development assistance). From 1983 to 1990 I was again pastor of a Fellowship in and around Fulda and joined 1990 the German Youth Federation for Christian Endeavor. I was responsible for the German CE sponsored projects in India and a few other places. 2000 through 2002 I was director of a mission supporting Armenians in Lebanon and Armenia. After a sabbatical in 2003 I was again pastor in a State Church Fellowship, in Cottbus near Berlin.

How did you become GS of WCEU? What were your priorities?

Having been WCEU Trustee since 1994, WCEU President F. Lavata'i and Treasurer J. Stewart approached me during the World's CE Convention in Gödöllő, Hungary, offering that position. I accepted hardly knowing anything about the job. In the beginning I tried to find out, what I should do and I realized soon that it is most important to know the endeavorers in the world. So I tried to attend national events and to establish personal contacts. This was helpful for finding able people from all parts of the world who would serve WCEU in various ways. WCEU became more international and more endeavorers shouldered the tasks to be done.

During these ten years you traveled a lot, met many kind of people within CE worldwide. What good experiences did you gather?

I learned that CE thrives, where leaders wholeheartedly invest themselves in the work. It pays off to allow the youth to run their CE. God provided them with so much creativity, power and dedication, that it is almost a sin to block these gifts. I found that many well-functioning youth organizations practice the CE principles of F. C. Clark at least partly.

Which were the greatest challenges/difficulties for you?

The beginning in the US, with nobody around to ask and not knowing whether there will be enough funds to run WCEU. It was sobering as well to experience that many National CE Unions are not well connected with each other and with the WCEU and have little interest only in expanding CE outside their country. Also, the national unions expect financial support from the WCEU but hardly anyone is ready to give to the WCEU.

Just for the sake of fun: Hired, tired and retired? Thank God, it is not the case of “fired”! How do you leave this service?

Believe it or not, I leave my ministry with the WCEU “Hired, tired; fired and retired!”. The pension scheme pays in my case from May 2017 only. So the German CE had to dismiss me (Nov.30th); which obliges the unemployment insurance to pay until then monthly about half of my present salary. Through a couple of tasks I'll be taking care of also after the end of my contract, I will stay connected with the WCEU.

How shall we continue to pray for you?

I plan to remain connected to all friends who are interested through a personal circular letter once or twice a year. Maybe also I start using facebook actively to inform our friends about what happens in our life. Thank You for your answers. Enjoy blessed years of retirement, according to the words of the man of the parable: “Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Mt 25:22)


It is a few years ago, in 2012, that you have been introduced to the worldwide CE in the “Who is…?” column of the WCEU Newsletter. Once somebody meets you, it is not easy to forget you, but having read just a few lines, may have not been enough to know you. Running the risk of producing still too little information about you as a person and as the new General Secretary of WCEU, let’s give a try to introduce you again, as you enter this service. How did your life resp. your life with Christ begin?

I was raised in a home with two Christian parents that made church involvement a priority. I began learning about the Lord and His Word from birth. This was a positive impact on my development but I also vividly remember a friend asking me if I was “saved” when I was only six years old. The conversation that followed helped shape my understanding of God and each person’s eternal destiny. When I was twelve years I made a commitment to Christ during a training program at my church. I saw God working in my life up to that point, but I remember sitting in my church’s sanctuary and reading Bible passages which led me to ask Christ to be the Lord and Savior of my life.

When and how did you meet first CE? How did it mold your relationship with God and with fellow believers?

I was first exposed to CE through my junior high Sunday School teachers. They were raised in CE but my church was forced to abandon it when a denominational merger occurred a few years before I was born. My teachers continued the practice of allowing young people to do anything they were capable of doing. I led devotions, directed discussions, and eventually had the opportunity to do much more. This experience began to mold me into a person who trusted God and how He was capable to do work in and through His church.

What blessings are you thankful for personally and as a family?

The most significant blessing I have experienced beyond my faith in Christ and the family I was born into is meeting my wife, Jennifer, and being blessed with four children. I am also blessed by my marriage to Jen and the connection it has brought to her family. I was also blessed to have incredible developmental experiences at Messiah College, Evangelical Seminary, Arrow Leadership, and Gordon-Conwell. Finally, my years serving as a pastor and as a leader in Christian Endeavor have been an absolute blessing.

Which aspect of CE meant the most for you personally and in the ministry?

Developing relationships with people from so many cultures has been incredible. It has also been invigorating to see God’s hand at work providing what is needed to make an impact for His Kingdom and His glory.

What made you decide to enter Christian ministry?

I literally received a telephone call asking me to consider working with teenagers at a local church. I had never considered this but then began praying about the opportunity. Eventually I decided to not only serve in a local church but enrolled in seminary to learn more about the Bible and theology. I have been involved in ministry as a youth pastor, leadership development pastor, adjunct seminary and Bible College professor, and Executive Director of Christian Endeavor in the USA.

Which life experiences will benefit you the most as General Secretary of CE?

God has used several life experiences to prepare me for the GS role. First, he gave me a love for Him and growing His Kingdom. Next, I had the opportunity to study business and marketing in college. This helped me understand how organizations work and how people think. Then I studied for a Master’s in Divinity while serving as a youth pastor, being married and my wife having children. This helped me learn about God and His Word. I also learned to trust Him to provide strength, wisdom, and discipline with managing many responsibilities. Then I went through the Arrow Leadership Program which helped me process all the things I had previously learned and helped reframe them through a Kingdom building lens.

What excites you most about your role as the new GS of CE?

I believe CE when properly applied is one of the greatest gifts God has given the body of Christ during the last two hundred years. I am excited to articulate a vision that God provides for this ministry’s growth and expansion. I believe this will involve developing people as leaders to spread CE and build the Kingdom across every continent and over 80 countries in the next twenty years. This effort will include establishing regional training centers and multiple additional employees willing to raise support and minister full-time for Christ and the Church. Mobilizing people to translate core CE materials into at least 6-10 key language groupings. Networking with other evangelical Christian ministries and together impacting lives in dozens of additional countries and regions within countries.

Thank you for your answers! May the Lord bless you and use you according to His good will and plan!

November 29, 2016, 14:33 h by Kálmán Adorján, WCEU President.