wceu: January 17, 2017

Prayer Manual 2017

Prayer meetings are a great way to start the year. Therefore the WCEU encourages all endeavorers to arrange prayer meetings in the week January 29 through February 4. This week includes February 2, the day the first CE society was founded. It is the Christian Endeavor birthday which is observed in some of the CE Unions to remember the beginnings of CE and praise God for the blessings HE channeled through CE into HIS church.

Staff of the German Youth Federation for Christian Endeavor have contributed to a simple manual (115 kB)for the prayer week. It gives you a short devotion for every day, prayer topics and some hints for the program of the prayer meeting. However you are of course free how you put up the program. The most important point is, that you make it a point - or better a priority to pray in the prayer week (and beyond). If nobody joins you or your CE society, - go it alone! Take some extra time in your personal devotions for the prayer points in the manual. Or use the manual as guideline for your personal devotions during that week. But it is better to find two or three others and pray together. If there is no time for a prayer meeting all days of the week, pray at least one time/day.
Focus in the prayer week on Christian Endeavor all over the world. The WCEU website and the WCEU's newsletter and the prayer mail provide plenty of information for thanksgiving, praise, petition and intercession.

The WCEU will be glad about short and meaningful reports about what you experienced in this prayer week. Your experience, your program may be an encouragement for other endeavorers. That is why the WCEU would like to report about the prayer week.

For some endeavorers, resp. CE unions it is already a tradition to collect an offering earmarked for the WCEU during the prayer week. Show your solidarity with the CE movement by donating to the WCEU through GoFundMe .

January 17, 2017, 14:21 h by Andreas A. Rudolph.