america: January 31, 2017

In the Spirit of Aloha (Love)

This year was our election (2016) to add a new team of board members as we continue to serve our churches to empower our youth in leadership and servanthood. We would like to introduce our new team of the Board of Trustees.

Vice President: Mahina Peleolani Blankenfild is 21 year of age currently in her 4th year of college studying marine science.
Executive Secretary: Kalehua Kamakawiwaole is a professor and a high school teacher and is our CE curriculum programmer.
Treasure: Angie Warren has a degree in accounting and is Mama Kahu of Kalapana Mauna Kea first Hawaiian Church also working with youth in other organizations
President: Rev Michael Maluhia Warren Pastor of Kalapana Mauna Kea first Hawaii Church, is the Chairperson for CEWU Nomination Committee, is the Chairperson for the Church and Ministry for the Association of Hawaiian Evangelical Churches and is the Treasure for Hawaii Island Association. He is currently attaining Vancouver School of Theology working on his Masters of Divinity.

Our Island Representatives:

Maui and Molokai: Maile Shaw member of Pa'ia Hawaian Protestant Church
Kauai: Rev Rennie Mau Koolui'ia Protestant, background in Media and recording and President of Game Kids.
Oahu: Kahiwa Kamakawiwaole entrepreneur owner of Wearable Treats, assistant teacher CE Hawaii.

There are other member of this team that helps us to reach out and support our youth. We had our first event of the year preaching in a Indigenous context teaching our youth to prepare a sermon in a cultural context. We will also have our yearly training camp. Using Dave Coryell’s curriculum we have created a 4 year learning program and at the end of each 4 year of completion each student will graduate with a CE leadership trading certificate. We are excited to partner with other CEWU groups who want to send their youth and join us this year.

January 31, 2017, 10:21 h by Michael Warren, WCEU Board of Trustees.