europe: January 31, 2017

Summary of year 2016 at Krisz, Ukraine

  • 44 events were organized in 18 Krisz centers, 3 in Bereg KRISZ suborganization, 3 in Botika KRISZ suborgaznization, 6 in Mérce KRISZ suborganisation, 3 in TiBorKA KRISZ suborganisation and 11 in Tóhát Suborganisation
  • 5300 youth participated on the 44 events
  • 58 communities participated in the Prayer Week in the beginning of the year
  • 1 council meeting, 5 caucus meetings, 38 prayer groups and other kind of meetings took place in the suborganization
  • Márk Zányik is responsable for the German and English communication since February a new suborganization was founded called Bereg, which includes villages and surroundings of this area

January 31, 2017, 10:27 h by Márk Zányik, International Relations, KRISZ.