europe: January 31, 2017

Holiday Centres Reopening in the UK

We are in a very exciting stage at Christian Endeavour Holiday Centres. Our Board of Trustees decided that Beechwood Court, which has been part of the organisation for over 95 years, will re-open in April 2017. The Pleasaunce, another Centre will re-open later in the year. Beechwood Court is located in Conwy, North Wales and the Pleasaunce is in North Norfolk.

For many years the Centres were run with the help from Christian volunteers from around the world and we want to bring this idea back. We would like to connect with the WCEU in finding christians who are interested in experiencing new cultures, learning English and developing their faith. The Holiday Centres are used by churches, families, individuals etc. as a place to holiday or meet in a Christian environment. These holidays would have organised activities by leaders who would organise fun and games, excursions and praise and worship. The volunteers we have would be offered accommodation on site, their food and an allowance so they can purchase their essential items. They would be part of the community on site volunteering in the kitchen, grounds and maintenance, house keeping or even as part of the office team.

Our documents for ‘expression of interest’ in volunteering should be going on our website soon.

January 31, 2017, 10:32 h by by Jonathan Roberts, Volunteer support, Team Chris.