asia: October 07, 2011

Meeting CE in India and Nepal


To learn about the state of CE in India (CEiI) A. Rudolph visited three areas with strong CE presence and met mainly regional leaders. The Indian CE - one of the oldest national unions - is challenged by its great diversity of languages, cultures, churches and the vast distances of the sub-continent. There are no full-time workers in CEiI. In South India A. Rudolph met the Youth Coordinators of the CSI Diocese Nagercoil, representing 500 CE groups. In Madras he met the CEiI Bhubaneshwar, attended a district CE conference. In North-East India, an area partly entirely Christian, A. Rudolph could meet with some members of the regional board for personal conversation. CEiI thrives where individuals whole heartedly work for Christ and His church. Lack of national coordination and strategies for the future cripple CE in India.


CE-Kathmandu, Nepal organised a one day Youth Seminar on 21 August in Aashish Presbyterian Church. Established Christian specialists presented useful information on the subjects of Responsibilities of the Christian Youth, The Generation Gap, Worship and Music and Substance Abuse. Over 50 youth and teenagers attended the event. Secretary of CE-Nepal presented a report on the activities of CE-Nepal and Rev. Andreas Rudolph gave an introduction of WCEU. The Programme was conceived and designed by Coordinator of CE - Kathmandu and conducted by Treasurer of CE-Nepal.

Report by Dr. M. Bhattarai, President Nepal CE Union

CE is in Nepal since 1993. The National Union was formed 1998. There are about 40 societies mainly in the Eastern Region of Nepal. About 500 youth are now members of CE in the poverty stricken country which was a Hindu kingdom until 2008.

October 07, 2011, 14:41 h by Anna Visky.