wceu: October 07, 2011

WCEU Board of Trustees Meeting, Kassel, Germany

The annual Board of Trustees Meeting was held this year in Kassel (Germany), between 22-24 September. Representatives from all over the world (India, Korea, Australia, USA, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary) came together to discuss matters of WCEU. The agenda started with the report of the President, General Secretary, Vice-Presidents and Trustees about their National Unions. The Executive Committee and the Finance Committee reported about financial issues of WCEU.

Dave Coryell, representative of CE Mid-Atlantic, prepared a visioning session on the basis of the bible verse:

'Where there is no vision, the people perish.' Proverb 29:18.

The visioning session started with a task: members of the board had to compose an article about WCEU in 10 years. Later they enhanced the ideas and set 40 goals for WCEU, of which the most popular were:

  1. Bible College CE module - 11 votes
  2. Traveling secretary for each region -11 votes
  3. Training leaders to lead local youth - 11 votes
  4. Youth parliament on national/international levels - 10 votes
  5. Strengthen volunteer program - 8 votes
  6. Training/mentoring CE national leaders - 8 votes
  7. Develop effective youth communication - 8 votes
  8. Gathering around the gospel - 7 votes
  9. Founding - 6 votes
  10. Expansion of the internet - 6 votes
  11. Birthing and rebirthing national unions - 5 votes
  12. Publicize - 5 votes

It was decided that the 2014 World Convention will be held in South Korea between 15-18. July.

The International Prayer Week will be organized by:

2012, January 30 - February 4. - Romania-Hungary

2013- Peru

2014- Ireland

Connect Europe will be organized in 2013 between August 1-4. in Hattingen, Germany.

2012, September 27 - October 1. - Board of Trustees Meeting will be in Romania.

October 07, 2011, 15:40 h by Anna Visky.