america: October 18, 2011

Experiences Of A Summer Staff Member

By Becky Kremm, Trinity EC, Boyertown, PA

This past summer was full of what I like to call “blessons,” experiences which are both blessings and lessons. Last spring, I had thought God was leading me towards an internship in Colorado. All the pieces were falling into place and I had even gotten to the final round of interviews. I was certain that it was where God wanted me. Then I was told that organization wanted to put an older student in that position and I should apply again next year. I was disappointed and confused. Had I misinterpreted God’s directions? I was also concerned; it was already March and I had no summer job lined up. Then God dropped an opportunity into my lap that I couldn’t resist: being a Summer Staff Member with Life Builders in Pulaski, Virginia.

I frequently told campers, this summer, that I had the best staff job there was, and I really think I did. My main function was to video record and take pictures of the work everyone was doing at all the different worksites and then edit the clips into a video for the nightly program. I loved getting to see everyone enjoying each other’s company, laughing while they worked hard in service of the community and the Lord. I was also privileged in that I got to show the big picture. Through the nightly videos, campers get to see more than their own individual worksites. It was really neat to see the whole scope of what our organization was doing for the town.

People teased me about having “the easy job” because I didn’t have to do all the physical labor (although I did when I had time off!) The truth is that the job was difficult and trying at times. The technology equipment didn’t always cooperate, emergencies came up, and sometimes it was difficult to get the video and PowerPoints for the worship band and the speakers together in time. It was a great learning experience for me. I went in a perfectionist and a worrier. I came out with the relaxing realization that I’m only human, but with the assurance that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 3:14

God also blessed me with some wonderful new relationships. The other two summer staff (Paige Fronheiser and Tim Seese) were gifts from God. They are amazing people, leaders, servants of God, friends—friends with whom I hope always to remain as close as we are now. I also met some inspired (and inspiring) church leaders and some incredible young people from other youth groups across the region. I’m so glad God “disappointed” me back in March. I learned many important lessons this summer in Virginia that I am applying in my life. I got to be a blessing to the Pulaski community and the Life Builders campers and staff, and I was also richly blessed by God through them.

October 18, 2011, 09:32 h by Anna Visky.