wceu: February 23, 2012

CE Prayer Week feedbacks


The adults of the tiny CE in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA, decided to pray for youth around the world, for CE ministry and for those who cannot serve Christ openly. Additionally each one choose one of their churches young people as a "GRAND child" to pray for on a daily basis and to continue to do so throughout 2012. (reported by Lynn McKnight, member of CE in Mid-Atlantic)


We joined the CE Prayer Week based on the booklet published by WCEU. From evening to evening the interest was growing in our community. Usually 30-35 people participated, but 70 people came together on Wednesday evening. Every occasion was introduced by a member of a present family, they read the bible verse and the meditation, as well as the prayer tasks from around the world. Than we discussed our community’s prayer items and finally personal requests were added. We started our prayer in groups of 10 people, to be able to pray for more tasks through short prayers. (Attila Gáspár, CE member Zilah)

I was amazed how the whole world could meet for a week by prayer. Just imagine how far we live from each other, we don't even know each other, and still: we can communicate, we can meet, get closer, unite. Not by internet, skype or messenger, but by carrying each other's problems, sorrow, joy and praying by faith. As I imagined lots of people worldwide praying for one goal, believing in one God, I knew God will listen to us, and give further blessings in everyone’s work and in CE Union's life. (Júlia Nagy, CE member, Cluj-Napoca)


Madhya Pradesh (North India): Dr. N.K Boro, representative of CE in India, reports that 2nd Feb 2012 World CE day was celebrated in the city of Jabalpur. Around 100 students attended the event.

Odisha (Orissa) CE Union (East India C.E Union):- 2nd Feb 2012, World CE day was celebrated in the city of Bhubaneswar by the local CE society. The cities Khariapada and Kambarkia Kandhamal celebrated on 5th Feb 2012. 200 students and church leaders attended the event. Mr. Jacob Pradhan, President Odisha state CE society and myself hoisted the CE flag and delivered Lord's message. (Reported by Purna Nanda Pradhan, General Secretary, CE in India)

February 23, 2012, 13:45 h by Anna Visky.