europe: March 28, 2012

KRISZ, Ukraine celebrates 10 years

18 of February 2012, KRISZ (Transcarpathian Reformed Youth Organisation) celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary within the general assembly in Beregszász. 50 youth attended the event. György Szanyi, President of KRISZ opened the assembly with a devotion on Samuel, talking about God’s support in all these years. Bertalan Kiss, Secretary of KRISZ enumerated the highlights of the organization’s history: summer camps, trainings, prevention programs, marriage counceling. He mentioned KRISZ’s fellowship with the german CE who helped to build KRISZ PONT center in Beregszász. KRISZ gives thanks for all the volunteer work offered to the organization, without their ministry it wouldn’t have been possible to reach all these goals.

March 28, 2012, 14:26 h by Edina Dancs.