europe: April 03, 2012

Vertical Conference 2012 in Szilágyperecsen, Romania

Vertical Conference 2012 will take place on 4-6 May in Szilágyperecsen, Romania with 1000 participants between the ages of 13-25. The reunion seeks answers to the Questions of LIFE: where am I heading, how much do I worth, how do I take my decisions, but above all, what is God saying about all this?

Today's youth encounters a lot of influences, but least of all answers from Christianity which would reflect God's Kingdom. In the midst of all these impulses it seems unlikely to live a worthy life with definite purposes and even if there is a need for it, seems impossible to find a good way. The trends that we follow blindly or unconsciously make us disorientated and unstable. Vertical Conference 2012 looks for solutions to avoid purposeless life-style, offering answers from the Bible and proclaiming God's love.

April 03, 2012, 13:31 h by Anna Visky.